Are there paleo friendly cooking sprays on the market?

Answered on January 01, 2014
Created January 01, 2014 at 6:52 AM

Even the organic Pam Spray have lecithin from soy and an ingredient simply labeled "propellant" which doesn't sound good to me.

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7 Answers



on January 01, 2014
at 09:20 PM

I got a coconut oil spray from Trader Joes. Has a bit of soy oil in it, but you're talking a little bit out of a teensy spray, so not exactly a big deal (probably enough to keep it liquid at lower temperatures). Not really much coconut flavor, so I'm assuming it's refined coconut oil (again, not a big deal). Still better than canola oil in something like Pam. I avoid the olive oil sprays because I'm usually using these things in high temperature cooking.



on January 01, 2014
at 08:15 PM

Um, the point of a spray is to limit fat consumption - that makes sense if you're using toxic oils such as soy, corn, canola, or "vegetable"; the point of eating paleo is to eat healthy fats, and lots of them, hence, no need for a sprayer.



on January 01, 2014
at 07:37 PM

I would wager that only oils that are liquid at room temperature are readily sprayable without having to do some funky chemistry.

It sounds like two markets that don't mix. The olive/avocado oil crowd and the spray-on crowd. Neither seem likely to be interested in the other.

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on January 01, 2014
at 06:30 PM

I've found that a small amount of coconut oil in a pan spreads quickly and covers the pan surface better than any other oil or butter I've used. I bought one of those spray cans and it started to leak after some time and I tossed it. Never that useful for me.



on January 01, 2014
at 05:46 PM

Propellant sounds normal to me, if you're eating something out of a spray can. Spray oils are there to avoid excess oil, generally paleo folks need not avoid "excess" oil. Heck, I need 1/4+ cup of olive oil a day to get enough calories.



on January 01, 2014
at 05:42 PM

I'm not sure there are any cooking sprays that spray paleo cooking oil, i.e. coconut oil, olive oil, or any animal fat. Why do you need to spray oil? Can't just pour it like a normal person?



on January 01, 2014
at 05:32 PM

You can buy an oil sprayer from a kitchen store like Sur le Table or Bed Bath and Beyond for about $10 and fill it with your own oil of choice. It's environmentally friendly because there are no chemical propellants or other additives. The reusable container doesn't go in the landfill. I use olive oil in mine.

Keep in mind that oils which are liquid at room temperature (coconut oil is considered a solid at room temp) should not be used in high heat cooking. In that case, do it the old fashioned way by rubbing solid fat all over the cooking vessel.

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