How much should I eat?

Commented on September 26, 2014
Created September 24, 2014 at 6:56 PM

I JUST started Paleo, ....like, today.  I'm hoping I won't find it difficult because I love veggies and most everything listed.  Anywho.......while it's common sense to stope eating when you're full I'm just hoping I'm not eating too much?.... I'm not left hungry, I'm satisified vut I kinda just wanted to put it out there to ask.  I brought to work 3 hard boiled eggs, about 8-10 raw mushrooms, 1 avacado, 1 plain chicken breast and an apple I may or may not eat.  I've eaten the rest of it throughout the day and when I get home I'll probably have steamed cauliflower if I'm hungry.  Is that too much?  I mean, 3 hard boiled eggs, no?..... Like I said, I'm brand new to this so I'm just courious.  I weigh 138, 5ft 9in tall and am fairly active. I try to walk/jog 3 miles 5-7 times a week.  Thanks everybody!!

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on September 24, 2014
at 11:33 PM

Definitely more than that. 

Let's total up what you're eating:

That's maybe 1000 calories, you need more like 2000 calories. 

Your activity is above average. Your BMI is already on the lower side of normal. Why are you trying to eat paleo? 



on September 26, 2014
at 12:40 PM

When in doubt, use any of the free-to-use, easy-to-use calorie counting websites out there. Cronometer.com is the "gold standard." You can set your stats/goals/diet, and it gives you targets to hit. Easy-peasy. 


on September 25, 2014
at 12:30 PM

Within the last year and a half I lost 45 pounds and am trying to maintain it.  I quit drinking (which I was at about 20 beers a week :/) and smoking and I started to gain about 10 pounds.  I figured if I quit all that other stuff why not try to be healthy?  My sister in law is the same build and activity level as me and she highly reccommended this diet/lifestyle.  I'm all for trying new things and I pretty much LOVE all the foods you're allowed to eat.  I also recently moved from SoCal to North Carolina.  It's easy to access good healthy food in SoCal but if I'm not careful I could easily get sucked into hush puppies and BBQ slathered meaty goodness.  Thank so much for the response!  Like I said, I just started so I'm sure I'll end up tweaking my food intake as time goes on and I see fit :)

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on September 25, 2014
at 03:07 AM

It's easy to focus on "too much" / "too little" but a big part of paleo is hopping off the carb coaster and starting to listen to what your body is telling you. 1000 calories would make a sedentary person feel lethargic and hungry!

We try to focus on getting whole, healthy foods, and keep an eye on carbs (again, find your sweet spot). And finally, if you are broccoli hungry (not just bored, stressed, etc.), grab some protein and healthy fats. 

MyFitnessPal app is a good way to track a couple of days of food to help get an idea of what you are really taking in, versus burning off. We ignore the calories, but look at the Fat/Protein/Carb ratio. You may need more carbs (like a sweet potato) if you are having a hard workout day, but the tracking (even for a short time) really helps relate what you are eating and how you are feeling.



on September 26, 2014
at 05:42 AM

eat three time in a day it will good for your health !

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