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Over a year and a half ago I started to follow the Paleolithic diet. Since then, I've stopped for a few months for various reasons, but I know that is the right way to feed myself and I have resumed again. I have benefited from its advantages in regard to vitality and weight loss, but I have a serious problem of constipation, which I did not have when I was eating in the "normal" way. After months eating in the Paleolithic way, my body should have been used to it, but the problem remains.

My daily schedule of meals is:

 • Breakfast with fruit, nuts, cocoa and coconut. Occasionally avocados and animal fats like bacon, or meat or eggs proteins.

 • A mid-day meal with a starter of vegetables and a main course with about a quarter of a kilo of meat. Since I have no weight problems, I usually eat tubers such as potatoes or carrots. Sometimes I also add dried fruits to lunch or dinner.

• A dinner with a vegetable starter and fish as a main course, generally oily fish or eggs. I jog twice a week, and three days a week I do high intensity weight training, so I usually add an extra carbohydrate intake in the form of sweet potatoes.

Over the weekends I commit small sins eating some forbidden food, and I also do intermittent fastings, skipping one or two of the three daily meals.

Since I started the paleo diet my intestinal transit has not been normal. I do not defecate daily. I usually spent two or three days without going to the bathroom, and alternate that with days of diarrhea. Other days the feces are huge. I am feeling bloated and it's starting to be a problem.

I was recommended to increase the intake of fats. I did it for a while without seeing improvements. I also tried to add prunes, to no avail. My mood is good and I have no problems with stress.

What's happening? Is there any solution to this constipation problem?
Thank you very much and best regards.

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on November 19, 2014
at 06:40 AM

I would tend to my intestinal bacteria. I say that because I used to suffer constipation as well after my diet switchover. Yoghurt, probiotics, sauerkrout helped. Note: If you suffer from impacted feces at any point, the best solution other than manual intervention, is a hot bath.


on December 09, 2014
at 11:12 PM

Our stools are comprised mainly of dead gut bacteria, so if you don't have enough bacteria in your gut, there will not be enough raw materials to make stool out of. As a result, you'll go less often and have harder stools, i.e. constipation. 

I suggest getting your hands on some Megaspore probiotic, or Prescript Assist. This will get larger populations of beneficial flora into your intestines. Also consider supplementing with resistant starch and fermentable fibers such as FOS powder, inulin, potato starch, plantain flour, or psyllium husk. These starches/fibers are our gut bugs' favorite food and will help the populations of flora grow. Raw fermented foods will also help with this. 

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