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Asked on May 22, 2014
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Tthink this is now that can you get some better than anything is a purpose he had an easy and on notice now the steel salted now but you can do salt to taste small amounts owed him okay an oil is Tony Lau billion now thank you are companions and he going to see this again at the end the program I'll when now in our program had chance to see this along with the rest about binge parts but it has a beautiful presentation go very nice our presentation and so with a look at are very next recipe and this one is also easy by using is different other ifMoscone recipe scum than a scone with a look ahead the actual ingredients but this one is dried cherry and maple scams he calls for one cup of whole wheat flour one couple unbleached flour with the germ 1 teaspoon of sea salt 1/3 cup of soil margarine a half a cup of cherries s dried and chopped I have a cup of soymilk 3 tablespoonsful maple sir 1/4 cup up front tennis 1 tablespoon baking powder aluminum free well this is a couple of simple recipe I love scholars all different types and so we're going to start on this one first we going to put an R one cup of the outpacing flower and we also have a whole wheat flour so I want to hang out page 22 while maybe newton a lot of people so we're connected pastry flour up issue flower is because a summer we our okay and.


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