I'm Ovulating - How Important Was my Nutrition Prior?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 02, 2011 at 5:00 PM

Weird question....So I know how important it is to eat well if one is trying to conceive, but I admit I have been going over to the dark side quite a bit by not eating Paleo entirely and indulging in say....highly processed chips, cakes, and ice cream. Once I did the ovulation test with the happy face indicating I was ovulating, I decided to completely stop in my tracks with the bad eating. So, my question is, how important was my nutrition prior to conception and how much of an effect will a "bad" diet prior have an effect on my future fetus? Let's say my husband was eating this way as well! I'm going to try to eat super duper well when I'm actually pregnant, but I guess I'm kinda a worry-wart, wondering what sort of damage I might have done prior. Any insight or words of comfort will help, though I know I'm being ridiculous here! :)


on November 02, 2011
at 06:22 PM

Awwww, thanks for the reassurances!!! I feel better now!!



on November 02, 2011
at 06:08 PM

Agreed. Even more important than good nutrition (gasp, did I actually write that!) is being relaxed & happy when you are pregnant. Put yourself-on a worry-free diet & enjoy real food with the occasional ice cream, as needed.



on November 02, 2011
at 05:17 PM

As someone who was recently pregnant and had a healthy baby, even though I was less-than-Paleo at many points during the pregnancy, don't sweat it. Eat as best as you can and enjoy the ride.

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on November 02, 2011
at 05:49 PM

I'd wager that the most important thing is ensuring that the fetus isn't deficient in any minerals or vitamins. As such, it would be better to eat liver + cookies (probably not at the same time) than to eat steak - cookies. Additionally, it would be wise to avoid toxins like stimulants, MSG, aspartame, BPAs etc. etc.

If I were a female trying to get pregnant, I would spend a good 6 months eating as many highly nutrient-rich foods to refill all of my mineral pools and then try to conceive. Once pregnant, I would continue to do so.



on November 02, 2011
at 05:43 PM

My view (no proof though, just logic). Don't stress on it because what's done is done. The eggs were created years ago for you, so nutrition at that time is long since past. For now and on, it could affect the uterus, but once conception is done, nutrition from then on is more critical (since the cells are dividing so fast and being created off the nutrition at the time).



on November 02, 2011
at 05:06 PM

I am not in the healthcare industry. As someone who accidentally followed a healthy diet prior to conception I will say I'm very glad I did because everything I've read since stresses the importance of a well-nourished mom to share a "good times" set of gene expressions.

That said, the positive changes you made during pregnancy are also important because we are a resourceful species that has survived lean times before and your changes sent good messages to the future-kid that would have a good influence on vigor and readiness at birth.

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