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Asked on July 18, 2014
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The physical there configuring a layers 2&3 movements in a product some analog and and I'm in user mode and I want to go to prove which Merck passers anything site your and wanted to global configuration and global configuration the very first thing I want to do on is you know setup some passwords maybe time to implement some security on my router so if I go to line configuration tom was to telnet first PT ways you 1180 my personal line configuration Merck and we'll set a password numbers from complex password but for the purpose of this level to keep it short and simple okay so just pass for Kiwi and I can't exit and go back into the line configuration American selecting gonna learn right from here it was prompt you need to add extra steps to again I'm gonna do mom line in this case will do a jury box Europe password again we use the same password most I log in and if I didn't want being a byte way I could just happen new login I didn't want a password for login return of this case will even on butts to consul 0 and same thing will do keyword what's best for login 642-813 okay am I controls you to go back to privilege made animal exit would see how this works welcome to global passer get we do have a login password in this case for consul said in town as well so far wider after in your mind password now kiwi getting but noticeable when I get from using murder probe which made ok there's no password required and have to enter anything so I wanted to you know again if I with Adam a global password I can enable secret and I would go to once again a global configuration convicting and I won typed enable ok secret.


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