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Where they're seeing in slow motion David continues to study time perception but understands you don't always get the answers youwanna when you try to break new scientific ground nine out of 10 great ideas turn out tube really wrong but the 10th why and you can hit the ball at the park and its questions like this David tackles in his lap the vibe in my lab isn't so much the white coats a clipboard it's more I love creative think tank allover walls are covered in dry race pain I have special coffee mug I can write on it I asked a taxi because was being a little worried is it okay if I get a Mohawk and he's just like yeah I think it???s great be creative and just really embrace what kind of difference from the beginning David has never taken the ordinary approach to science growing up in New Mexico who???s fascinated to hear his father forensic psychiatrist talk about the Criminal Minds he stood including mass murderer William Wayne Gilbert and somebody said to my father I'm sure that Gilbert feels remorse for what he's done and my father realized this was a very incorrect view because Gilbert felt the kind of excitement when he was going to murder someone that he had felt as a child on the night 642-813 before Christmas so that taught me that it's actually quite impossible to protect yourself into someone else's brain listening to the stories about the strange mines have murderers he became obsessed with how someone???s brain could create a reality so different from his own but the problem was science class left in cold unfortunately I didn't like high school science that much 0 there's always the answer in the back.

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