The inside roles for all route

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The inside roles for all route a would-be connected to F 800 that is why we're going to date interface with the command interface FAA's your size 0 and then typing to permit IP net inside other out the knows where the inside world s and then we know that 0: :0 size :0 size:0 is connected to the outside world that is why we're typing in face here???s your size or 50 and IP net outside at that that's all you have to do for dynamic not specify your pool specify you access list combined those two days in the IP not use heights or statement and specify d inside and outside world now if host a wants to get to Odyssey's go to calm when it comes to the router the router would checked the thought the source I just against the Axis left in this case the I P just be launched a numberblonston after get a specified by the access list that means that this back to be classified a special so the route can actually translated into let's say a the first IP address from the actual pool which is 64% to attend the 75 dot 8 then just back at King gold on its way and I for have hasty sending a packet 646-206 Winnipeg me she buy a router a brother at both he did the IP to south coast he also be once that network n we use ad network any I mean any IP address the belongs to that network will be translated with a public Padres so route a takes out up taken public IP address from the pool whatever is free and translates the whole see so host you have an IP address 64 to attend the 75 that 81 and then the backing also on its by well Nodal its purpose of translating your IP address this but in order for network probably would have had a different public IP address for everything.


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