Casein free colostrum?

Commented on November 13, 2014
Created May 13, 2013 at 9:58 PM

I wanted to try colostrum but am having trouble finding a casein/lactose free version without added sugar. The Kirkman brand used to make a casein-free unflavored version, but I just received it in the mail, and it is no longer casein-free. Apparently they had to change their labeling due to new testing methods. Does anyone know of a good product? thank you!


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5 Answers



on May 14, 2013
at 12:28 AM

Colostrum is milk. Milk has casein. Milk has lactose. Colostrum doesn't really have much effect on an adult immune system either (you cannot absorb antibodies after a couple weeks as an infant.) Casein-free lactose-free colostrum is wrong on many levels.


on October 09, 2014
at 03:35 PM

Casein and lactose free milk? Yeah I think they call that water...


on November 13, 2014
at 12:55 AM

Colostrum is not milk.  It is the pre-milk fluid teeming with immune boosting proteins.  There is very little lactose and even lower amounts of casein in colostrum.  The casein present is A2 rather than A1, which is found in casein and is what some individuals react to.  Colostrum is mostly comprised of immunoglobulins and growth factors.



on May 14, 2013
at 01:11 AM

IMO I recommend trying some natural real milk in small amounts to see how you handle it.


on October 09, 2014
at 03:13 PM

try Mary herbal garden nature's. They are selling free casein, free lactose on bovine colostrum.




on May 14, 2013
at 12:31 AM

i agree with matt. colostrum won't be colostrum without casein and lactose.


that's the brand i use. there is a small amount of lactose in it and i wasn't affected by it.



on May 14, 2013
at 07:25 AM

Just wanted to say that for all the reading I did regarding colostrum - it is pretty amazing stuff. I make a daily concoction of 2 rounded tablespoons of colostrum, some bee pollen, and a tbsp each of coconut oil and cream. Stick it in a fridge and have it as a snack. I have to say, that when it all melts and gets chewed up in my mouth it tastes like the tastiest dessert! and helps dissolve colostrum before swallowing (it is not easily dissolved in water). As far as effects - noticed a lot of benefits to healing the IBS symptoms.

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