Intestinal pain, alternative to colonoscopy?

Answered on November 19, 2013
Created November 18, 2013 at 11:47 PM

For almost a year now I have been having mysterious pain about one inch to the right of my navel. It is only in a very small area and most of the time I can only feel it when I push that spot with my fingers. The pain that follows is very intense and makes me feel a bit faint.

Doctors first had a look at my organs which were all fine.

I also have been dealing wit digestive issues since I came off of a low carb diet, so a colonoscopy was suggested to me. I suffered many surprising problems on a low carb diet (at some point I was in ketosis). I know some people report being their best ever on LC.

(When the problems started I was told it is because I am not low carb enough yet and eventually I was down to 25grams of carbs, then increased to about 50-70 again because I was so horribly weak. I startedhaving PMS and irregular periods with black blood and very strong body aches during, it was unbearable, I also had heart palpitations and chest pains, my joints felt painful and inflamed and I was constantly cold and tired. My body and face lost fat they should not have lost, I looked like someone had sucked the life out of me. This surprised me because according to my math I was getting all the nutrients I was supposed to get. Then my thyroid went bad and my liver enzymes climbed so high that my doctor deemed me close to live failure. My hair was falling out and started experiencing problems with acne and candida. Every time I would eat something starchy, sugary etc. my body went crazy.)

Long story short, I got off of low carb and almost all these problem disappeared within weeks. Makes me think it was not right for me (my husband still thinks LC is the way to go and often tries to convince me).

But suddenly it seemed I could hardly digest any foods anymore. Carbs, especially sweet potato, gave me a really bloated belly. I looked pregnant! The candida problem that started getting bad on LC increased (on my face mainly). I was able to fix my digestion somewhat with probiotics and enzymes. My stools were never really bad, maybe a bit firm. I had the painful bloating and some digestive pains mainly.

So probiotics and enzymes fixed the bloating and pains. I got off of them and I stood okay for about two months, but the pain next to my navel was always there, even on an empty stomach. I feel like eating a lot makes it worse...but I am not sure it is the food itself or maybe just my bloating pushing on another spot.

I am a bit scared to get a colonoscopy because of the risk of death, last thing I need right now. But I don't know if there is any alternative ways to figure what might be going on in my colon.

Another reason I am suspecting my colon is because during my c-section it was moved and I know that can cause complications. That was over 2 years ago though. Not sure if maybe some scar tissue formed there.

My diet now includes a fair amount of starch every day to keep my weight in a healthy range. For me the only way to gain or keep my weight up is if I eat starches with fat. I also look healthiest this way, on low carb my skin was loose, saggy, fatless :(

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on November 19, 2013
at 02:13 AM

what about an abdominal ct scan with contrast? i've had 5 of those and 7 colonoscopies. i'd chose the ct scan every time. i don't enjoy colonoscopies at all, but they are the best for finding colon problems. seems that is where your pain is. i really doubt you would die from a colonoscopy unless the anesthesiologist has no idea what he is doing. it is done in a very controlled environment and the sedation is pretty standard- i always get propofol. i've woken up every time! haha

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