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Asked on June 28, 2014
Created June 28, 2014 at 7:54 PM

In about 3 months, I start to apply to colleges, and I've narrowed down my list of schools to those where I'm pretty confident I'll grow academically, socially, and hopefully not around the waist. Some of the schools I've visited, and others I haven't, but I'm trying to get a feel for the paleo-friendliness of each. I'd really appreciate any info regarding the farmers' market scene, nearby CrossFit boxes, outdoors-y activities like hiking, local gems (anything from ethnic grocery stores to hubs of paleo/primal research), etc at or near each of the following locations.

First, the cities: Chicago (Hyde Park, to be specific), IL; Cambridge/Boston, MA; St. Louis, MO; Swarthmore/Philadelphia, PA

College towns: Amherst, MA

Middle of nowhere: Williamstown, MA; Hanover, NH

First, I have to get into these schools, though. I'm asking now rather than after admissions decisions come out because some schools have a binding early decision (ED) program that basically says if we accept you, you're going to attend. The benefits to applying ED are that it's in some cases easier to be accepted and that if I'm accepted, I get to bask in senioritis sooner.

The dining halls at some of the schools I'm looking at serve eggs with all of the paleo friendly adjectives, and all serve bacon at least once a day.

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