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Answered on December 31, 2014
Created November 14, 2012 at 1:45 AM

I have been doing the paleo diet for about two and a half months and I just recently cut out fruit. I'm on the rowing team at my school and I want to be around 110 pounds by the time we start racing in the spring so i have about three and a half to four months before our first race. I now stick to an egg scramble with mushroom, bacon, onion and green pepper in the morning and a couple sausage patties. I go to a university and have little choice other than fatty cafeteria food. I eat spinach salads in the afternoon for lunch. However recently I've been eating almonds in replace of most everything. I drink black coffee in the morning, have a handful of almonds every couple of hours and drink water or coffee for the rest of the day. It is insanely important to me to cut weight for rowing. should I cut out bacon and sausage to help myself out? I don't eat a whole lot throughout the day but I don't have a problem with binging either. I am 20 and 5'3" female 26 inch waist and hips are about 36 and a half inches. I don't have a scale so I don't really know what my weight is. My guess is somewhere in the 125 range to 130.



on November 14, 2012
at 02:48 AM

^ No. She's a coxswain, not an oarsman. It says in the title.


on November 14, 2012
at 02:43 AM

You row & don't eat carbs? Hows your performance?

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on December 31, 2014
at 05:03 PM

At the risk of stating the obvious, you need to weigh yourself now to see how much weight you have to lose to get down to 110.  If you weigh 125-130 you're talking about trying to lose about 12-15% of your body weight in a few months which is going to be really tough unless you're carrying around a lot of extra weight (doesn't sound like it).  If you do that you're probably going to sacrifice quite a bit of strength and stamina. So you might just want to make sure you're setting realistic goals.

Not sure what kind of training you are doing for the rowing but you're going to have to eat sufficient protein and carbs to keep that going.  Starving yourself to lose weight while eating well enough to train are opposite goals and you're probably going to have to sacrifice one or the other.

All of that said if you want to lose weight then I'd cut out all of the sugary and starchy fruits but a little bit of berries, pomegranite seeds, or the like are good for you and probably a good idea since you'll be stressing your body.  Nuts are easy to over-eat, there are about 150 calories in 20 almonds (about a handful), so you might consider if eating other foods would be the same amount of calories while being more enjoyable and nutritious, for example an egg is about 75 calories so for that same handful of nuts you could have a two-egg omlette with some low-calorie crunchy vegetables.

Going low-fat is contrary to the Paleo guidelines but is a way to make sure you keep getting enough protein while watching your calories so you could eat things like chicken breasts, turkey sausage, and lean beef instead of sausage and bacon.  This will help you lose weight but generally isn't good for you so you could do it for a few months to try to make your weight goals, just plan on switching to a better diet later.

Good luck!


on December 31, 2014
at 04:39 PM

I would watch how many almonds you are consuming... I have the same problem but keep in mind that they are very high in calories.  20 almonds have about 115 calories... that is about a handful and if you are having a few handfuls every day and when late night snacking then you could have hundreds of extra calories. 

Thumbs up on cutting out fruits! If you need some variety from the nuts maybe you could try a cup of berries.  Again, be careful not to overdo them because they are fairly carby. 

Otherwise things look good! Just keep with it and don't quit! People tend to quit when they don't see immediate results and it may take a few weeks to kick in. 

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