Urinate Problems gone some days after avoiding Caffe and Grains/Sugar?

Answered on April 13, 2016
Created April 12, 2016 at 3:59 PM

Hey friends,

I still fall back on sugar, grains and coffe sometimes - and if I fall, I am falling for some weeks most of the time.

Anyway, what I ALWAYS realize is that after some weeks of beeing back on more or less SAD, I get problems with urinating. Means, it feels like prostate problems with all its complications in sexual stuff and so on.

Peeing at the evening means, peaning once, 2 minutes later again and again 5 minutes later the last drop ;)
I am 35, so actually not the age, where prostate should be that big already, but hell - maybe.

So like I said, I switch back on "my" primal diet and some days till a week later, these problem is gone at all!
I can pee so normal and like it should be. I did not drink suuuper much coffe, more like 1-2 little espresso with a spoon of sugar and some grain sweet stuff.

But I realy just have to avoid that stuff and its getting better like instant... ist that real? Or placebo?
I mean, its realy great but in the same time I wonder, what kinda damage I did all the years when I drank alot of coffe and ate alot of grains/sugar...


sant0s :)

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on April 13, 2016
at 09:46 PM

Coffee contains caffeine, which has diuretic properities. This could explain why your urination increases after consumption. An alternative theory may be your glucose levels. If you have high blood sugar, you will urinate more. 


on April 13, 2016
at 10:41 PM


hi there :)

sure - caffeine is pushing. but even, when I drank no caffe all day long, the feeling of urgent urinating is there. when I go for toilet, it always needs a long time to finish the job.

as soon as I stop drinking coffee for some days, 5-7, that problem stops. so, its not because of the "normal" push that caffee gives I guess.

I should maybe check my blood sugar levels if that could be a problem. and maybe there is some truth in in it because when I stop eating grains/sugar for some days, it disappears.

problem is, I always stop everything at the same time :D

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