If $$ is an issue, what is the best tasting coffee out there?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 25, 2013 at 4:39 PM

What is the best tasting, cleanest coffee out there for the money?



on February 28, 2013
at 03:35 PM

Trouble is, you won't notice a difference until you try one without the mold toxins for a while.



on February 25, 2013
at 08:58 PM

this was asked already http://paleohacks.com/questions/169521/if-was-not-an-issue-what-brand-of-coffee-would-you-buy#axzz2Lwl20om3

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on February 28, 2013
at 04:13 AM

This is one subject I know a lot about. I'm very much into coffee and I've tried some of the greatest coffees in the US today through my travels. If you live in the Northwest,Washington State or Oregon, Stumptown out of Portland has gotten national attention for their coffee roasting.It is one a the purest coffees that I've tried. They have a roaster in NYC and a number of shops carry their coffee in the east coast like Philly and Wash DC. Their coffee ranges from $15 to $18 for a 12 ounce bag. But it is so worth it.

If you live in the Midwest, Intelligentsia out of Chicago is a premier coffee roaster. They also have an amazing shop in Venice Beach right in LA. Their coffee from Kenya is one of the best coffees in the world. It is not cheap however, about $21 a bag, but if you're in LA you can purchase just a cup of the many different country origins they have in season. PT Coffee in the Midwest has also be written up as a top US coffee roaster. They are in most big cities in the US but their coffee is not as good as Stumptown or Intelligentsia in my opinion.

In San Fran there is Blue Bottle and Ritual coffee. Both are excellent. Blue Bottle has opened a few shops in NYC as well as the Bay area and their coffee is catching on as a top tier product in the US.

In the Mid Atlantic there is Counter Culture, which is considered one of the first fine origin fair trade coffee roasters. You can find Counter Culture in DC, Philly, NYC, Atlanta and Chicago. They have a very superior product and are known in high end coffee shops through out the country.

Coffee all depends on your tastes. Do you like bold full body darker roast coffees or a lighter citrus roast? The darker roasts will be from Colombia, Sumatra, Costa Rica and Brazil to name a few. The lighter coffees are from Ethiopia and Guatemala. A medium roast coffee would be from Kenya. All of these roasters I mentioned, carry these country coffees and others when in season.

Because of their purity these coffees don't need any sugar or creme. Just enjoy them for their perfection. Here is a link to the top 5 roasters and a NY Times review of the coffee scene. I hope this helps.








on February 25, 2013
at 06:15 PM

Roast your own beans. Order organic green coffee beans. This can get as cheap as $1-2 per lb. Freshness of beans is the key to a quality cup of coffee. Commercially available coffee beans have been roasted months before and have lost aromatic oil/flavor already.

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on February 25, 2013
at 08:56 PM

My favorite affordable every day coffee is the Dunkin Donuts medium roast whole bean. I don't know how clean it is, but it doesn't seem to cause any problems for me.



on February 28, 2013
at 03:35 PM

Trouble is, you won't notice a difference until you try one without the mold toxins for a while.



on February 25, 2013
at 06:10 PM

i would search fair trade coffee online. even starbucks has some fair trade. if you live close to any kind of co-op, they usually have the best bet for cheapest, freshest and most sustainable.



on February 25, 2013
at 04:50 PM

I love kona, but hard to get and very expensive.

However, recently I've found Ruta Maya, which is very tasty and is organic. It can be ordered online, and it seems you can get it for cheaper by ordering 5lbs at a time.

Both are much better than the local Harbucks. If you can find Kona, you'll find its aroma is very addictive.

If I go out for coffee, there is a place called Blue Bottle Coffee Co. that makes some pretty amazing espresso. But it has weird mental effects - though positive ones, so possibly some mold there, though I've not seen any negative results from it. I can usually smell it on my skin about half an hour to an hour after drinking it. Very yummy, causes me to be alert the entire day. It's about $4 a shot for single origin, so not something I do every day.

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