Gluten ingestion-strange symptoms

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 10, 2011 at 3:08 PM

Had an accidental ingestion of gluten while eating out last week, and had two very strange,new symptoms.I've suspected I'm celiac for several years now,but was wondering if anyone else had these,celiac or not. 1.Went to work two days after glutening,still feeling like hell.My co-workers kept asking what was wrong with my lips.Apparently,they were dark red/almost purple.One said her husband's lips do the same thing when he doesn't get enough oxygen. 2.Complete intolerance to coffee.I went from 4 cups a day to not being able to stand the smell, and drinking it gives me stomach pain that drops me to the floor.Tea doesn't bother me.

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on February 10, 2011
at 03:34 PM

Hmm, interesting. Now that you mention it, I can recall being told once that (and after consuming gluten) it looked like I was wearing lipstick! This tends to happen to me during exercise as well - I thought I was just flushed but it would make sense if oxygen is a factor. I dread to think how this could translate...

I have not (thank God) experienced an intolerance to coffee though.



on November 29, 2012
at 01:21 AM

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