Coffee causing anxiety?

Commented on June 06, 2014
Created June 05, 2014 at 2:51 PM

I love coffee, the smell, taste, buzz, everything. Recently, not sure why, after I drink coffee I have been getting mild anxiety symptoms. Pounding heart, chest tightness, etc. Ive researched it and there is a TON of info on caffeine's effect on the body/adrenals. Has anyone experienced negative side effects from coffee/caffeine?

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on June 06, 2014
at 06:18 PM

wow really informative article, thanks



on June 06, 2014
at 03:13 AM

this article may give you some things to consider; Coffee Done Right – Tips to Help Avoid Coffee Intolerance

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on June 06, 2014
at 07:45 AM

Coffee can lead to a feeling of being jittery and an increased heart rate. It's possible to drink coffee and not have any of these experiences.



on June 06, 2014
at 07:34 AM

Perhaps you're a carrier of the paleolithic slow CYP1A2 allele with a C or two at rs762551? (I've got a copy, myself.)



on June 05, 2014
at 11:11 PM

I have not researched it nor do I have any sort of personal story that relates, however I have read before that if anyone has sensitive cortisol production to stimulants, that caffeine can perhaps cause some disruption and enhance the effects of cortisol which is a stress-associated hormone.

Not sure if this helps, but figured i'd throw it out there.

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