Coffee--ground or whole bean?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 15, 2012 at 10:42 PM

Do you buy your coffee whole or ground? I usually buy ground-purely laziness-but I keep reading about how it goes bad quickly. Then just reading all the stuff on Bulletproof coffee--thinking about the mold issues.

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5 Answers


on December 16, 2012
at 05:29 AM

I also grind my beans every morning. I love the aroma of fresh ground coffee beans, it's a pleasant part of my morning routine. From there it's into the press to brew and then into the blender to make it bulletproof!



on December 16, 2012
at 05:38 AM

I buy them green from Sweet Maria's. Single estate, wet-processed. They tell you a little about each small, family-owned producer.

I spend about an hour every 4-5 days roasting them in my oven in a lightweight roasting pan.

Makes the house smell tremendous. Probably costs me about $10/wk to drink 2-3 large coffees a day.

I highly recommend it, especially if you're going to go bulletproof.



on December 15, 2012
at 11:38 PM

I buy whole beans and grind them every morning in a little hand-crank grinder I got off Amazon. I did buy the coffee from Bulletproof Exec and it is excellent coffee, but when it's gone, I will look for something else. I just like to change things up now and then.



on December 15, 2012
at 11:03 PM

Ground coffee goes stale after about two-three weeks, and a little longer if it's been vacuum-sealed.

I drink espresso, and go to The Fresh Market where they sell whole beans in bulk. Since they have a commercial grinder that does a MUCH better job than anything I could buy, I grind it there at the store. A half-pound lasts me for about two weeks (perfect timing for freshness) and it tastes AMAZING compared to the store-bought stuff! So rich, full of complex notes (like wine), and pulls a nice shot from my cheap espresso maker.



on December 15, 2012
at 10:47 PM

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