How do you take your Cod Liver Oil?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 23, 2011 at 5:03 PM

I had my first serving of CLO today... dear god is that stuff horrendous. Is there some trick to taking it? Does it get easier? I just saw that it is also available in a capsule... is this as effective? I keep re-experiencing the CLO with every uncomfortable burp... ugh. Advice, please!!



on December 13, 2011
at 10:12 PM

I actually got used to it pretty quickly (drinking straight from teh bottle), and now I don't even notice it. I LOVE fishy fishy fishiness, always have. Seriously, Chinatown is heaven for me. Even so, my first dose of fermented cod liver oil kind of made me gag and I could taste it in my mouth for hours. But then it passed and now, I just take a big swig in the morning and like 10 minutes later I forget whether I've taken it. I don't really know why I've adapted to it so well, but seriously, stick to it for a week or so, you might be surprised.



on October 24, 2011
at 02:46 PM

I drink it from the bottle... I like it.



on October 24, 2011
at 11:04 AM

I don't take it. I'd rather eat fish & liver and take a D supplement.



on October 23, 2011
at 10:51 PM

I do what Red describes with the shot of OJ, and it works well for me. I use fermented CLO from Green Pastures, the cinnamon flavor. So if I *do* burp up a bit (which is rare), it's cinnamon, not fishy.



on October 23, 2011
at 08:29 PM

I used to take it, no problem, the cherry flavored stuff from walgreen's. Just takes some getting used to. I stopped because it's my understanding that any of the better fish oil capsules was just as good. Was I wrong?



on October 23, 2011
at 06:09 PM

I take cod liver oil and it tastes great. It has lemon oil in it though. But nothing else.

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15 Answers



on December 13, 2011
at 11:56 PM

My favorite way is to add the cod liver oil to my bowl of bone-broth stew, which isn't hot enough to damage the CLO. It adds a rich underlying flavor that isn't fishy or liver-ish and as a base flavor my taste buds find it very pleasant.


on October 23, 2011
at 10:08 PM

I basically just make sure to take it right before eating, so that the taste can quickly be vanquished by whatever I eat afterwards. That takes care of the "after"... as for the "during," there's not much to be done about it except to grin and bear it. (I take fermented cod liver oil... so imagine regular CLO, only rotten. Yum!)

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on October 23, 2011
at 09:57 PM

How do I take it? Like a man! Er, I mean like a woman.

I agree with Gordon, I don't breathe and then quickly gulp some water so I barely notice the taste.

Partly, it is psychological. If you took a bite of fish and it tasted like that, it'd be fine. But we don't really want the fishy taste in an oil. I try to think of it as fish that has magically transformed into an oil.



on December 14, 2011
at 09:48 AM

I buy a litre at a time and just swig it from the bottle to wash down some vitamin capsules. Funny thing is I am getting used to the taste. Then I follow this with some really vile tasting stuff, aloe vera juice. Wash it down by drinking cream.

I have got used to the idea that Food is Medicine.



on October 23, 2011
at 09:26 PM

I take a teaspoon of CLO followed by a teaspoon of coconut cream cold from the fridge. While it works well to cover the taste I still sometimes want to gag when I swallow the CLO, but I've found taking a mind-over-matter approach gets past that pretty effectively.


on October 23, 2011
at 07:19 PM

Jenny I use the Twinlab Emulsified Norwegian Cod Liver Oil (Lemon flavored, or so they claim). In any event this is what I do.

I measure out a tablespoon and toss it down, without breathing through my nose, so I am not tasting anything at this point. I have some nice cold coconut milk standing by (Aroy-D is the best I've tried!) and chase the cod liver oil with some of that.

Really helps mask the taste (and aftertaste) of the CLO!!!



on June 27, 2013
at 04:38 PM

The more expensive the cod liver oil, the better the quality. The best quality cod liver oil is almost tasteless.

The fish capsules have low amounts of EPA and DHA.

Those are two of the most important oils. You need about 1000 mg per day for each one.

That is difficult to do by eating fish and not getting mercury accumulation.


on February 09, 2013
at 02:50 AM

I use Carlson's lemon flavored CLO. I take a small glass vitamin bottle and pour in some orange juice, about 2 ounces or so. Then I pour in the CLO which sits on top of the OJ and it's about 1/4 inch thick. Put on the cap. Shake 20 seconds and drink. Delicious, emulsified and no aftertaste!


on December 14, 2011
at 10:56 AM

I´we taken Cod liver oil since being a child, in capsules when I was little but when I started to pay for it myself I noticed the price difference and decided to take the cheaper, unflavored liquid option. Since then I have taken a gulp straight from the bottle just before breakfast every day. If I forget to and take it afterwards I have the taste in my mouth for a long while, so in my opinion, if the taste is a problem, it is most important to take it before a meal.



on December 13, 2011
at 10:04 PM

I know this is a bit late -- but I made the mistake of ordering the Green Pastures unflavored butter oil/ CLO mix. Since I can't very well just throw it away (so expensive!) I find that the only way to kill the taste afterwards is to eat a pickle. Other foods aren't strongly-enough flavored to block out the taste -- but a pickle works like a charm!

Next time, I'm getting the cinnamon flavor!



on October 24, 2011
at 02:33 AM

Like PaleoDel, I take Green Pastures, but with licorice flavor. The stuff has stevia in it. The licorice makes it actually tasty for me. But the unflavored butter oil/CLO mix I have is horrendous as described.


on October 24, 2011
at 02:00 AM

I have used Carlson's Lemon Cod and Fish Liquid Oils and Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega lemon capsules with at least 100 calories of food and never had fish burp. :)

Robb Wolf mentions in podcast that cheaper fish oils have soybean oil and/or can get oxidized/rancid more easily. Soybean oil and oxidized fish oils are gut irritants and can cause fish burp.

I personally tried about 10 brands of fish oil and find the Nordic ones to be high quality, and more expensive, but don't give the nasty fish burp.



on October 24, 2011
at 01:47 AM

I use Green Pastures' cinnamon-flavored CLO/high vitamin butter oil mixture. The cinnamon really makes a difference. I had a chance to taste their unflavored version, and thought I was going to hurl. There's no way I could do that on a daily basis!



on October 23, 2011
at 06:41 PM

I take mine with breakfast, usually right before or right after I eat. I don't have any trouble with aftertaste burps, but I take the fermented cod liver oil in capsules from Green Pasture.



on October 23, 2011
at 06:05 PM

Take it on fasted stomach (first thing in the morning) and have a shot of OJ or bite of cucumber after. Try not to inhale to much while taking it. The re-experiencing is more likely to occur if you have eaten something before. Im from a country were we are brought up on CLO - it will never taste good but you learn to live with it and the bad taste is worth for health benefits!! Iw always been told that the oil is much more effective thank the capsules and its less processed. Good luck!



on October 23, 2011
at 10:51 PM

I do what Red describes with the shot of OJ, and it works well for me. I use fermented CLO from Green Pastures, the cinnamon flavor. So if I *do* burp up a bit (which is rare), it's cinnamon, not fishy.

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