Coconut Oil Puling

Asked on February 14, 2015
Created February 13, 2015 at 3:15 PM

Is it ok to use fractionated coconut oil for oil pulling? Does it work as well?

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2 Answers



on February 14, 2015
at 04:43 AM

Fractionated coconut oil is simply coconut oil with the long-chain fatty acids removed. The medium-chain still remain, and the antioxidant content is actually greater due to the concentration.
If anything it would actually work better. And I would disagree with WTFGOD, oil pulling does work for improving oral health. Just be sure to brush your teeth afterwards to remove any residual oil.



on February 13, 2015
at 07:04 PM

Oil pulling doesn't work, just brush your teeth.


And floss if you want, even though i'm not sure how good the evidence for flossing is...although I doubt it can hurt.



on February 14, 2015
at 04:34 AM

I have to disagree, oil pulling certainly works.
Not sure what you have tried it for, but it helps reduce plaque build-up and even helps whiten teeth. As for actually pulling toxins out of your body through your mouth, I don't know... But as far as oral health, it works wonders!



on February 14, 2015
at 05:08 PM

Ditto - oil pulling does work, it's not the same as brushing, brushing and flossing are mechanical method of cleaning teeth.  Toothpaste itself would be a chemical method of cleaning teeth, as is oil pulling.

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