Selecting good coconuts

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 30, 2011 at 8:28 PM

How do I pick good coconuts? 'Good' = soft, sweet, etc.

Are there seasonal variations I should expect? Are coconuts better at one time of the year than at other times?

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on September 01, 2011
at 05:51 AM

I think coconuts can be eaten at different stages of ripeness. In Mexico they are eaten green off the trees- the end is chopped off, the liquid is drunk through a straw, then the coconut is opened and the soft meat is eaten with a shake of hot sauce on it.

As a kid in Canada the only coconuts we got were dry, brown and sort of hairy. We broke the hard shells open with a hammer and pried the hard white coconut meat out to eat.

At our Mexican home our coconut trees seem to produce continuous crops all year. We have them harvested during the winter and give most of them to our Mexican neighbours to use in their restaurant. When we go there in the summer there are also coconuts ripening on the trees- the neighbours harvest them wnenever they are ripe in our absence.

We travelled to Tecoman and watched virgin organic coconut oil being produced two years ago and that plant is where we buy our coconut oil from.


on September 01, 2011
at 04:41 PM

It can be hard to tell exactly if a coconut is going to be the correct ripeness, but from my experience, here are a couple of rules of thumb. I'm assuming you're going for the dried, brown variety.

  • shake it and listen for coconut water inside. the more, the better
  • avoid coconuts that have juice leaking from the eyes or cracks
  • if you crack it open and you see any greenish/purplish hue, it's spoiled :-/ the smell should give it away as well



on September 01, 2011
at 01:47 PM

one option i do is listen to the sound when shaking. is there is water in side then its a good sign. otherwise bring it back to the sore and let it change for a new one.

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