coconut aminos vs fermented soysauce aka Tamari

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 26, 2011 at 7:05 PM

at $70.00 a gallon (not including shipping.) I need some re-assurance out there that coconut aminos are up to snuff to put a dent in the old pocket book. how much better is it compared to fermented soy sauce?



on March 27, 2011
at 04:13 AM

Where did you get a gallon of coconut aminos? I only saw the 8oz one.

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7 Answers


on March 27, 2011
at 05:40 AM

I LOVE coconut aminos and use them all the time! I use no soy products and I really missed the tamari. Coconut aminos were just the thing. I appreciate that they are less salty. You can get the best price from azurestandard.com

1 gal $45.15 1 8oz $4.75

There are other quantity discounts as well but they have best price hands down although shipping isn't as convenient as just going to the store but the price break is worth it.


on March 26, 2011
at 10:56 PM

I use and enjoy Coconut Aminos. I actually prefer it to tamari at this point (didn't at first try). I think you will be pleased. I agree that maybe buying a small bottle to try it first might be a good idea.


on March 26, 2011
at 07:48 PM

I bought a few bottles from my local health food stood for about $8 each. It is great to cook with. I have made stir-fry and also baked chicken. Closer to soy than teriyaki, but I did not like it as a dipping sauce for sushi.



on July 28, 2012
at 05:34 AM

How much better as in healthier or tastier? I don't know about healthier - I am not phobic about a bit of fermented soy, seeing as how I don't eat soy in anything else - but I think it's really tasty. I really like it with beef, mixed with a bit of good fish sauce and lime and garlic. It's sweetish and tangy, and just a very easily used condiment. The cheapest I've seen a single bottle is on Amazon.



on July 28, 2012
at 12:32 AM

I read that they are made with partly coconut sugar....is this right? I am looking for a soy alternative but dont want lots of sugars in there if I can help it..



on March 26, 2011
at 10:56 PM

I talked my local health food store into buying some and I bought 2 jars. I didn't love the taste - it didn't taste at all like soy sauce to me - and the recipes that I have tried putting it into, I could immediately taste the pungent aminos coming through.


on March 26, 2011
at 07:47 PM

I use and love Coconut Aminos - I've found it to be not as salty as Tamari and because it doesn't have soy in it I don't get an upset stomach. I may be particularly sensitive to soy though (especially now that I cleared out the wheat). I don't think I have ever used enough soy sauce, tamari, or coconut aminos that if I didn't have an allergy that I would make the investment in a full gallon though (I do use a little more now that I found health-bent's Asian Skirt Steak, but still not THAT much) - it would take me years to get through it! Can you get a small bottle and try it first?

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