Artisana Coconut Butter vs Lets Do Organic Coconut Cream

Asked on February 01, 2015
Created September 07, 2013 at 12:44 AM

Both claim to be made from whole coconut. The nutrition labels look pretty close to each other. They even both list similar uses for the product. Yet, the LDO coconut cream says that refrigeration is recommended while the Artisana Coconut butter says the opposite. What's the difference?

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4 Answers



on February 27, 2012
at 01:56 PM

I've tried both, and they're pretty much the same to me. LDO seems to be much less expensive, plus it's in small convenient packs, which I made good use of while on vacation. Would have been harder to travel with a jar. :)

I got an Amazon subscription to a 6 pack of LDO monthly. What I do is mix the LDO with coconut oil in equal amounts, and put that in coffee/tea, etc. The process takes some work, both the LDO and Coconut oil have to be heated, then I use a knife to chop up the LDO, then heat it up some more, then use a whisk to smooth it out.

Once it's nice and smooth, I put it in the fridge overnight so it won't separate. After that, I can use it without having to keep it in the fridge. It just scoops out with an ice cream scoop (the kind that has serrated teeth on the edges.)

I find it lasts much longer that way, and keeps without refrigeration (except for the initial processing.) The last jar I had lasted almost a whole month before I finished it.

I tried mixing it in with cocoa powder, but it seems to go rancid after about two days.

The LDO instructions say to mix with hot water in order to get coconut milk, if you do that, it also goes rancid in two days.

So the key if you want to keep it longer is to mix it only with coconut oil and nothing else. Then, you don't need to keep it in the fridge.


on February 27, 2012
at 10:00 AM

Coconut starts to melt somewhere around 25C thus refrigeration.

In the case of creamed coconut in carton packaging the melted coconut sticks to the container leaving some fat stains on it so I'm pretty sure this recommendation is just to counter that.

Why Artisana says no fridge ? Well coconut gets really hard when cold so you have to chisel it out which is a bit inconvenient.

For a definitive answer use phone support of Artisana but I think my explanation is correct.


on March 31, 2012
at 01:05 AM

Nutiva makes organic coconut butter that is $8.69 for 15 oz at our local store. They have a 5 lb size on their website for $31. They also say to not refrigerate.


on February 27, 2012
at 03:16 PM

Gordal is right. The LDO does fine unrefrigerated as long as it doesn't get too warm. If it did, it'd be a mess in that box! But I find the Artisana easier to keep around for just taking a spoon out of (I have a jar in my desk at work for example).

Re raydawg's point wrt travel, Artisana comes in travel packs too!

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