Coconut oil vs. canola oil?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 04, 2013 at 10:02 PM

So after the reading the Slankers thread, I explored their site. In the FAQ, they talk about how coconut oil is worse for you than canola oil. Is there anything to this?


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on March 04, 2013
at 11:30 PM

I didn't find that link to be particularly compelling, but it'd be better to limit refined fats in general and stick to whole coconut or the fat that comes with meat, eggs etc.

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4 Answers

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on March 05, 2013
at 08:29 AM

Canola is usually made from GMO rapeseed.

Coconut oil is never GMO.

'Nuff said.



on March 05, 2013
at 12:39 AM

As of now all we can do is speculate since there isn't much clinical evidence comparing the two. The fact that feeding canola oil to rats brings about more heart lesions compared to coconut oil is an interesting tidbit.



on March 04, 2013
at 11:17 PM

there is always something to everything and humans tend to slant the facts to fit their opinions even when they really don't believe they are.
but even if everything written is 100% correct, a single drop of canola oil on my tongue will still cause a burning sensation followed by what feels like the beginning of a throat infection. i would rather stick coconut oil and not feel ill.

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