Coconut oil and tanning

Answered on May 14, 2014
Created May 13, 2014 at 12:22 AM

Hi guys,

I really want to get a tan this summer and I'm wondering what coconut oil will do if I rub it into my skin before lying in the sun? I know it can act as sunscreen so will it prevent me from tanning? any tips on how to get a beautiful tan are welcome!!

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2 Answers



on May 14, 2014
at 02:08 AM

honestly, the best tan i ever had was from not using anything on my skin but from taking astaxanthin! i need to order some again because i got burned when i laid out a few days ago and that didn't happen once the two summers i took astaxanthin every day. i had the most beautiful tan.


on May 13, 2014
at 06:17 AM

Cocnut oil is really one of the effective ways of tanning the skin. Here are some of its benefits when used for tanning.

1. It protects skin while tanning. Skin is exposed to strong sunlight. So here are possibilities that they get harmed from ultraviolet radiations. Saturated fats that are present in the coconut oil form as a protective layer over the skin and cuts down the damage to some extend.

2. Helps to retain moisture where stable saturated fats inhibit the loss of moisture from the skin by forming a protective layer.

3. Incase of possibility of inflammation that may be due to strong sun or environmental factors Cocnut oil soothes the skin.

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