Heating coconut oil in the microwave to use in a smoothie

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 20, 2012 at 4:30 PM

I have been microwaving coconut oil for 39 sec. to put in a smoothie every AM and wondering if I have destroyed the properties in the oil and caused an ill effect. My hair has been falling out and wondering if this is the reason. Can you shed some light on this? Takes forever to put in hot water and wait to liquidate.




on January 20, 2012
at 05:59 PM

And on aside I seriously doubt this to be the reason your hair falls out. Cycle, hormones, stress, sleep patterns......more likely.



on January 20, 2012
at 04:35 PM

I just add it in and let the blender do the work :-s

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4 Answers



on January 20, 2012
at 08:37 PM

Microwaves are simply a very efficient method of heating. It doesn't alter the chemistry of your food any more than other heating. In fact, it probably generates less nasties that are associated with charring.

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on January 20, 2012
at 06:10 PM

if you have to liquify it first, I've found that putting it in a bowl and holding it over the stove works well



on January 20, 2012
at 06:05 PM

Hair falling out's not going to be caused by microwaving something for a little bit, otherwise we'd all be bald.

What else has changed in your diet? Sudden drastic drops in calories over time can cause hair to fall out, which then regrows again after your body stabilizes with more calories. Say for example, if you are trying to go at 500 calories/day, thinking you'll lose weight faster.


on January 20, 2012
at 04:38 PM

Your coconut oil should turn to liquid almost instantly once warmed up whether its in a pan, in the microwave, or in a hot liquid (or in the summer without ac). That being what it is, I say just spoon out however much you would like and put in the blender as a solid.

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