Does Coconut Milk have electrolytes?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 05, 2012 at 12:13 AM

Hello, I have started using my apartment buildings pool and sauna more frequently - before I would go once every two weeks or so but now as its bloody freezing outside in Toronto its nice to end the day in the Sauna.

I may end up using it 3-5x a week now and I know prolonged and frequent use can decrease electrolytes from all the sweating. Coconut water is often recommended to restore electrolytes but as I am trying to cut weight back and living a VLC life style I'd rather not.

I buy Coconut milk in a carton from So Delicious unsweetened - 50cals and 1g carb per cup would make it an ideal after sauna drink, I also use some in coffee occasionally.

Doing a quick google search some sources say that coconut milk does not have electrolytes as its basically just the meat+water, whereas coconut water is the actual coconut water+meat+water and the water inside the coconut is actually where the electrolytes are.

However other sources say its just as good a source..

Confused.. does anyone know the truth? If it turns out its not a good enough source to replenish electrolytes what do the good people of PaleoHacks recommend?




on January 25, 2012
at 03:24 PM

Thanks Travis, never thought of that!

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on January 19, 2012
at 07:28 PM

Mineral water is a much better route.



on January 05, 2012
at 10:58 AM

By the way, that carton isn't actually coconut milk. Though as a product I guess it might work better for what you're wanting.

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3 Answers


on January 05, 2012
at 06:25 PM

Water (coconut water and H20) will reyhdrate you. Replenish your electrolytes (minerals) with fresh fruits and vegetables.


on January 05, 2012
at 07:36 AM

I use coconut water not coconut milk. I usually smash some during and after a heavy workout and that's been working better then any supplement I used to take. I only use coconut milk for coffee and in recipes and for a late nite drink to up my fat.



on January 05, 2012
at 08:40 AM

If you are overdoing it in the sauna then simply cut back on the sauna sessions. Healthy living is not supposed to be about overdoing things.

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