I am looking for a Coconut bread recipe.

Answered on October 30, 2013
Created October 28, 2013 at 2:32 PM

One that uses coconut flour, say 3 or 4 eggs, ghee or butter or coconut oil, salt, baking soda... the ones I see online use like 6 eggs and only maybe 1 cup of coconut flour, can't believe a loaf will come out of that. Any advice welcome

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on October 30, 2013
at 12:14 AM

Amazon has free Paleo books for your Kindle, and I have tons of them. Check them out...there's a bread book. I'm going to start a sourdough bread concoction eventually. I have a recipe for it and it's the only bread other than a dense rye that my former? current? (verdict is still out) "cave man" partner will eat. I don't crave breads anymore, but it would be nice to have some on hand for guests, etc.

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on October 29, 2013
at 11:53 PM

Best bread recipe I have seen and made is from the the Paleo effect cook book amazing recipe taste awesome....and uses no flour at all........



on October 28, 2013
at 07:40 PM

Guess I'll try one of those recipes.


on October 28, 2013
at 04:01 PM

All the coconut flour recipes I have seen use what seems like an impossibly small amount of coconut flour, but they work. I think it's a very dense flour, compared to wheat flour. You won't lose anything by trying! And 6 eggs is a fine amount of eggs.


on October 28, 2013
at 03:27 PM

I've cooked with several bread recipes, and they usually are quite heavy on the egg and not a lot of coconut flour, and they came out well. If multiple sources are suggesting a formula, why insist on something different?

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