Problem eating coconut oil

Answered on October 15, 2014
Created October 12, 2014 at 1:28 AM

inget very sick to my stomach when I try to eat any type of coconut. Any suggestions?

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4 Answers



on October 15, 2014
at 01:51 AM

If you're OK with dairy there's always butter and ghee.  Seek out butter from pastured dairy sources to maximize Omega 3's.  Butter has some MCT's but not in the same concentrations as coconut oil. 


on October 15, 2014
at 12:43 AM

If you're looking for another cooking oil avocado oil might be a good choice.  Palm oil from sustainable sources could be another.  They probably wouldn't sell the latter at a health food store though.  You'd have to order it I think.



on October 12, 2014
at 09:35 AM

For now, stop eating coconut products.  Then work with a "real-foods" RD or an ND (more expensive) to figure out the underlying reason.

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on October 13, 2014
at 07:28 AM

Only 1 tablespoon associated with coconut oil has in excess of 13 grams of fat. Coconut oil has the greatest condensed extra fat regarding any oil.

One way to get some benefits from coconut oil is to apply it on your skin rather than having in your food.

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