Mild insomnia because of raw cocoa powder?

Answered on November 26, 2013
Created November 23, 2013 at 2:37 AM

I have been drinking 4 tbs of raw cocoa powder in a glass of water every day for a while now. It makes my brain as sharp as a knive. But in the night i have some problems falling asleep. It's difficult for me to understand it because chocolate doesn't make me feel like that, and raw cocoa powder is supposed to have all the best chocolate ingredients except for the fats, nasty additives and sugar. Could it be because of the raw cocoa powder? How come? That is not coffee.



on November 23, 2013
at 03:27 AM

cacao powder had the same effect on me, so i stopped taking it after 3 pm & eventually stopped taking completely. i started using cacao to withdraw from coffee...then i found i needed to withdraw from the cacao.

i think it may have been 'taxing' my adrenals (can't say for sure), you may dig up more info from google. i think raw cocoa powder & raw cacao powder are the same thing or similar depending on where you read and who makes it?

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3 Answers


on November 26, 2013
at 01:06 AM

Could be that cocoa contains caffeine


on November 25, 2013
at 10:52 AM

It has the same effect as speed - amphetamines for many people. I was abusing it at one point - buying 100% cacao squares and having to eat more and more just as if I were addicted to cocaine just to keep getting the same hit. It can keep me up all night. I have none now. It really is very very very bad for many of us. Try to keep off it. No one would ever have picked that green cacao bulb and eaten it as it tastes so bitter so I am not at all sure we should call 100% cacao paleo and given its effect on me I need to avoid it.


on November 25, 2013
at 07:37 AM

Cacoa contains caffeine.

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