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Asked on February 25, 2013
Created February 25, 2013 at 4:31 PM

Hi Guys,

I'm about 2 months into a strict primal diet that does include raw dairy and nuts, but does not include starchy veggies. I look and feel better already and I'm really excited to watch my progression in the upcoming year.

One thing I've enjoyed reading in this forum is others' bloodwork results. It's always good to know how I compare to others that share my eating habits, rather than seeing where I fall in a lab reference range based on people eating a SAD diet. I have a sneaking suspicion that a few of my numbers are higher than they should be, and that some are high, but I shouldn't care. My labs all fall within normal conventional ranges, but that doesn't mean much to me. Taking into consideration functional ranges, can you help me distinguish between what looks good and what doesn't? I put my best educated guesses next to each. What do your numbers look like?

Cardio CRP (R): 1.4 little high?

Fasting Glucose: 85 little high?

Fasting Insulin: 3 normal?

Hemoglobin A1c: 5.4% little high?

White Blood Cell Count: 6,900 little high?

VAP Test:

Total LDL-C Direct: 142 - high in general, but okay when compared to HDL and analyzed for Pattern?

Total HDL-C Direct: 99 - yeah!

Total VLDL-C Direct: 18

Total Cholesterol: 259 - high, but HDL:Total is 2.6 so who cares?

Triglycerides: 80 - yeah!

Sum Total LDL-C: 142 (Pattern A) alright!

Any MTHFR mutants out there?: Alkaline Phosphatase:39 very low?, RDW:15.1 very high?, Folate:>24 crazy high, body just accumulating it and not using it?, B12:707 normal, but doesn't fit alkaline phosphatase measurement

Any ladies with hormonal imbalances/thyroid problems out there?: DHEA:93 high?, Estradiol:173 (luteal phase) high?, Pregnenolone:103 normal?, Cortisol:13.3 normal?, T3 Total:99 low?, Testosterne Total:41 high?, Testosterone Free: 1.6 low?, Testosterone Bioavailable:3.4 low?, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin:118 way high?

Look forward to seeing yours. Thanks!

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