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Answered on September 12, 2014
Created May 25, 2013 at 3:51 PM

I need some counsel - I had routine blood work done (it was not 'fasting blood test') and it showed that my blood lipids are high (test #'s below) and I'm to go back and have a fasting blood test done. I'm very perplexed about this because I have ALWAYS eaten healthy and for the last 20 months I have cut out ALL grains, sugars of all kinds, eat ONLY organic, and I make all my fermented vegetables and drink kombucha tea. I have pretty much followed Dr Mercola's Nutritional Typing plan (I tested more on the protein side although realizing now that I'm eating pretty much Paleo). For the last month and a half I have eaten what Dr Terry Wahl promotes...3 c. leafy greens, 3 c. sulfur vegs, 3 c. colored veg, grass fed beef, etc. I eat 3 eggs/day, 2-3 T. coconut oil/day and walnuts or almonds. My question is - what am I doing wrong??!!

My total cholesterol value is 336...ref range is 100-199 mg/dL (told me it was high) Triglycerides 58...ref range 0-149 mg/dL HDL cholesterol 132...ref range >39 mg/dL. VLDL cholesterol cal 12...ref range 5-40 mg/dL LDL cholesterol calc 192...ref range 0-99 mg/dL (told me it was high)

I've exercised all my life. I teach water exercise classes and lift weights. My BMI and weight are in normal range. I've been going to a nutritionist and chiropractor for the last 2 yrs...all the test my nutritionist have run have turned out in normal range and some are near perfect. Although, my blood was never tested during this time, so I don't have a point of reference.

Also, I've had huge issue/pain in my right side (the reason I went to see doctor in the first place). Fifteen yrs ago I had femoral hernia and over the yrs scar tissue build up. I've had pain in this area since the first of the yr. was wondering, can inflammation cause my cholesterol #'s to be high?? I really don't understand all the #'s...it's confusing to me. Since we now know so much more about cholesterol and that it's not the real culprit.

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on May 25, 2013
at 11:21 PM

What I see in there is absurdly high HDL, low Triglycerides, and pretty high LDL. Overall I would say that's fairly positive, especially your HDL:Trig ratio. Further, your blood cholesterol levels can fluctuate widely during the day based on what you eat and your stress levels. I would suggest you keep doing what you're doing (which looks awesome), get a fasting blood test just to be sure, and not worry or stress too much about this. Maybe add an LDL particle count test if you really want to cover your bases.

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