Dietary Cholesterol as cause of Xanthelasmata?

Asked on April 26, 2014
Created April 26, 2014 at 3:11 PM

I noticed that in the last couple days i've developed little yellow patches symmetrically under each eye, i showed my mum and she told me it could be cholesterol, thinking she was just spouting the usual fat fear (i eat a high fat diet) i didn't think anything of it, but having a search on google it seems it is caused by a build up of cholesterol, they call it xanthelasmata.

There's a few things that have been new to my diet the last few weeks, i'll list them below and what im going to do to try & rectify it.

I've been eating lots of liver pate - so going to eat some once a week rather than daily and rotate pork/chicken/duck/lamb etc...

I've also been eating lots of lard, 500kcal per day at least - so going to switch to plant oils as they have no cholesterol, so coconut, olive, avocado oils

I've also been eating lots of ice cream, about 1000kcal from ice cream 4-5 times per week - so going to stop eating ice cream, i'm hoping this was the cause as it's an addiction to sugar i need to kick anyway!

The only other things i can think of that i've been doing differently is eating lots of smoked mackerel, with the skin & bones covered in crushed peppercorns, i also reintroduced tomatoes recently

I appreciate any other ideas as to what could be causing this, it definitely showed up in the last few days and in the last few weeks the only things i've been eating lots of are listed above

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