Can an upper respiratory infection skew cholesterol numbers?

Asked on January 26, 2013
Created January 26, 2013 at 5:18 PM

I'm supposed to have bloodwork done for my HMO because they are hellbent on putting me on a statin despite good numbers. I recently did my own NMR profile and was pleased with the numbers, but they won't even look at them because "outside labs may be inaccurate".

I'm not taking statins no matter what, and my numbers were an improvement over last year's numbers, but they will bug me to death until I get THEIR test.

So I had a mild cold ( first in two years since going Paleo!), but my asthma (which has also been silent since going paleo) was triggered by the upper respiratory infection. I call it the "asthmatic aftermath". I was hoping to escape, but it's hit me big time. I'm loading up on inhaled steroids and hitting my rescue inhaler constantly (not paleo, but better than getting worse and landing in the hospital!). I'm hoping to avoid having to take a course of oral steroids, too. And, of course, trying to drown it out with plenty of bone broth and herbal tea, vitamin D, probiotic veggies, and fish oil.

So the asthma is an autoimmune response and there's likely a good deal of systemic inflammation, too. Will this skew my lipid numbers? And if so, how long until they return to my "normal"???

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