26yo M 60kg, 175cm, Eccentric Blood Test Results, Please Interpret.

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Fasting Glucose: ~85

HbA1C: 5.1-5.6 (depends on lab)

-Regular Lipid Test-

TC: 240

HDL: 95

LDL Calculated:130

TG: 75


Apolipoprotein A1: 220 (94-176)

Apolipoprotein B: 100 (52-109)

CRP: 0..1

Homocysteine: 8.1 (<11.4)


LDL: 150

HDL: 90

VLDL: 15

TC: 256

ApoB 100-Calc: 103 (<109)

Lipoprotein A: 16 (<10)

IDL: 13 (<20)

LDL Pattern: A

HDL2: 36 (>10)

HDL3: 54 (>30)

VLDL3: 9 (<10)

Everything else is within normal limits.

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2 Answers

0 · February 02, 2014 at 4:36 PM

What about the Lp(a)? I've read some sources that say it should be below 10 and some sources that say it should be below 30. The sources that say below 30 point to the fact that the statistical inflection point in CVD risk occurs at or after 30. Anyone have any further data on this? Luckily, ASA 81MG EC can reduce Lp(a) by almost 50%. If this Lp(a) level stays high, I will start taking ASA 81MG EC when I am ~36yo. I don't want to start now due to an increased risk of hearing loss. I will look into whether low-dose ASA causes hearing loss just like regular dose ASA.

638 · February 02, 2014 at 3:54 PM

Looks good. Ldl and apoB could both be a bit lower but it's still pretty good considering how high your HDL and apoA1 are.

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