Cholesterol results paleo vs. non paleo

Answered on December 18, 2013
Created December 18, 2013 at 3:57 PM

Here are my test results:

Pre-Paleo 1/17/2013

Total Cholesterol 149

Triglycerides: 55

HDL: 51

LDL: 87

Post-Paleo: 12/18/2013 (Eating clean for most of year.... uptake in alcohol consumption in December)

Total Cholesterol 211

Triglycerides: 85

HDL: 94

LDL: 117

I was told that my total cholesterol although higher then should be shouldn't count against me because it's my very high HDL that is throwing it off. My LDL score is 17 points higher then the recommended range. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what my cholesterol means, what these changes mean. I was a little worried about the LDL but from what I understand you want a range of about 30 points between LDL and HDL and this just about falls in that range? Any insight is appreciated

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on December 18, 2013
at 09:02 PM

While your triglycerides are still low by conventional standards, they are going up, and trigs are thought to be a good indicator of inflammation. So I'd keep an eye on those. Trigs are directly related to carbohydrate intake.


on December 18, 2013
at 07:12 PM

I'll be honest that I still worry about my previously "perfect" cholesterol numbers going up but the more I read and listen to people that have spent time and money studying the more I realize that we have been lied to about cholesterol and fat for years. Cholesterol medication is one of the biggest selling drugs in the country and they are marketed directly to consumers. There is big business telling us high cholesterol is going to kill us and I don't really trust big business or the government with my health. This podcast has some interesting thoughts on the subject


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