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Again, my lipids fail to improve across the board as usual no matter what intervention I employ:
most current values in last two columns; please use the + button to enlarge the values for better viewing)

It is nothing short of discouraging and makes zero sense when you take into account the diligence of regular exercise, diet and supplementation.

I strength train 4x’s/week + interval cardio 3 x’s/week. I have been on a low-carb (<75g) gluten and grain-free Paleo-style diet (55% fat-35% protein-10% carbs); I increase carbs slightly on workout days and to avoid thyroid suppression.

Protein: 25-30%
Fat: 50-55%
Carbs: 10-15%

Targeted lipid supplementation:
•    Fish/krill oil: 4-6g/day
•    Extended-release niacin: 1.5g/day (if I go higher I fear worse FBG readings)
•    Citrus Bergamot: 1g/day
•    Provinal Omega 7 (50% palmitoleic acid): 3g/day
•    DHEA – 25mg/day
•    Vitamin D3 – 5000iu/day
•    Sytrinol – 150mg/day
•    Policosanol – 10mg/day

Current meds:
•    Coreg (carvedilol) alpha+beta blocker for moderate hypertension
•    Losartan (ARB) for moderate hypertension
•    Xarelto (for DVT prophylaxis; suffered from 2 blood clots in 2012)
•    T3 (liothyronine)

I am at a total loss as to why there isn't at least some improvement, but if I had to point to one major area that remains unresolved it would be my thyroid, however, no matter ho much thyroid meds I am on, it has not made a difference in my lipids:https://app.box.com/s/oqqy9sae7om2v1tg8fmy

At the time of testing, I had been taking 3 grains NDT and 30mcg T3.

In addition to that, three other issues that could impact my lipids:

1) GROWTH HORMONE DEFICIENCY: I recently was tested via a growth hormone stimulation test and it turns out I am clinically deficient in GH. GH deficiency can contribute to dyslipidemia:

2) HYPERPARATHYROIDISM: I am 6 weeks post op from having a parathyroid tumor removed. The labs were done about 2 weeks post-op. Hyperparathyroidism can contribute to dyslipidemia:

In the 2 weeks post-op, I went from being slightly hyperthyroid (as a transient result of manipulation of the thyroid gland) to going back to becoming hypothyroid as you can see from my levels.  

3) MILD SLEEP APNEA: AHI of 12.5. Was prescribed a BIPAP machine but have not been using it due to excessive mouth dryness despite using a humidifier since I am unable to breath through my nose at times. I am awaiting nasal surgery (septoplasty) to help correct a deviated septum. In the meantime, I m sleeping on my sides.

I surely hope I can avoid statins, as they can worsen Lp(a) and don’t address the underlying causes.

I do have some issues regarding fasting glucose that I posted on recently:

Is there anything more I could be doing?

Creation and clearance: The continuing results begs the question, what is creating increased FFAs and what is them from from being cleared?

I will be revisiting using testosterone replacement as well, as even though my total is not bad for my age (mid 500s), my free T is very low (8) despite everything I’ve tried to do to lower SHBG.

Any and all input welcome!

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