Sugar in dark chocolate: why not considered harmful?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 04, 2013 at 6:00 PM

What amazes me is that dark chocolate is recommended. I really liked a brand with about 76% cocoa content. This still would contain about 23 grams of sugar in a 100gr bar. I'd eat 50 gr to 75 gr most of the time. Considering the amounts I eat, would the sugars be harmful, or mess up my blood sugar? If not, why not? Can you please explain the underlying mechanism?



on March 04, 2013
at 10:51 PM

I was under the impression that dark chocolate wasn't *recommended* but rather considered the best option if you are going to eat chocolate. Processed chocolate isn't especially nutritious, even the high percentage stuff. The sugar and whatever else is added (usually soy lecithin - blergh!) is still harmful. Personally I opt for raw chocolate which contains ingredients like cacao, coconut and no added sugars.



on March 04, 2013
at 07:02 PM

Try 99-100%. That's the real dark chocolate.

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6 Answers


on March 04, 2013
at 06:30 PM

Dark Chocolate has many health benefits, and most Paleo people do eat it. However, you should only eat 2-3 squares of a chocolate bar a couple of times a week at most. It can be a problem if you eat too much.



on March 04, 2013
at 06:44 PM

76% is barely dark hence the high sugar content...my 99% dark has 3g sugar per serving (and when it's that dark, you don't have the urge to eat a lot). It takes time to get used to it but worth it if you want your chocolate without all the sugar


on March 04, 2013
at 06:28 PM

I don't think many recommend it in most paleo circles but give it a just ok cheat. It's mostly a moderately good fat in cocoa butter, some marginally bad anti-nutrient cocoa powder and bad though not necessarily terrible sugar. The macro nutrients are worse than a staple, but better than hard candy or cake, or sunny D etc. and the anti nutrients are better than toast or cookies or milk chocolate.


on March 04, 2013
at 10:23 PM

I've worked up my tolerance over the years. I can enjoy 100% now, though I'm usually in the 85-90%. Still, it's a bit of a binge food for me. I think a bar per week is more than enough, but if I eat that much, I'll eat twice that much and then some. So alas for me it's generally a steer-clear food.



on March 04, 2013
at 10:16 PM

If the cocao content is high and the sugar content is 20g, it is alright for me. My blood sugar might go wonky for other things, but I tested and the numbers are right for this sort of thing.



on March 04, 2013
at 07:05 PM

I tend to agree with. That's why I buy unsweetened chocolate. Scharffen Berger has one which is 99% cocoa.

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