What can I use to substitute cream cheese?

Answered on March 09, 2014
Created March 07, 2014 at 10:01 AM

I do not like anything like sour cream or yogurt or anything like that. I was wondering if I did whip cream would it be the same texture? Or maybe some kind of ice cream?

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on March 07, 2014
at 10:16 PM

haha yeah I saw that....was looking for some clarification cuz that ain't paleo! here's a paleo chocolate lasagna. looks like a RIDICOULOUS amount of work though



on March 07, 2014
at 10:10 PM

If that tags on this question mean anything, something called 'chocolate lasagna'

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on March 07, 2014
at 04:21 PM

what recipe are you using?

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on March 09, 2014
at 01:36 AM

you could make "nut cheeses." i did an amazing spreadable sunflower seed cheese once.



on March 08, 2014
at 02:27 PM

Get a can of thick coconut milk, run it through a cheesecloth maybe to thicken it.

Some coconut milks are "lite" and have a lot more water, these aren't what you want - but you could try to thicken them by the cheesecloth method.

Ideally you want one that when you open the can you see something thick like sour cream. There's a supermarket near me that has one of these, it's brand is "La Cena", I can't find it on amazon, but here's a link to its site:


Obviously, any thick coconut milk will do, the problem is trying a bunch of them until you find one that's the right thickness.

Avoid "Coconut Creme" meant to be used in drinks, it comes with tons of added sugar and other crap.

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