Is lead-contaminated glass a modern concern?

Answered on January 02, 2015
Created December 17, 2012 at 4:17 PM

Is lead ever used to make glass anymore? Should I avoid chinese made glassware?

Is there porous and nonporous glass?

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on January 02, 2015
at 10:13 PM

There's a reason we chemists use glass flasks for reactions, they are unreactive. They don't leech, they don't absorb. Nobody is going to make a lead glass cookware. Now, crystal is another story. Lead crystal is a thing to watch out for, but then only if you're involving acidic food/drinks. Nobody stores food/drink in lead crystal. 

You probably should worry more about where your vegetables were grown, as lead contamination in soil is more of a concern than anything. 



on January 02, 2015
at 08:41 PM

I doubt that glass can leach anything. Ceramic and other pottery is another matter.

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on January 02, 2015
at 03:30 PM

I didn´t know glassware could contain lead? I thought that was mostly a concern in the case of ceramics, where coloured ceramics have been especially implicated as often being high in lead. I use stuff of glass myself in order to avoid ceramics for this precise reason.

But, yes, unfortunately the problem still exists. Anything from China will be of major concern as well, whatever it is (toys, etc). Lots of lead and other poisons in the stuff manufactured in China is not uncommon and they have major contamination and pollution problems. Considering they manufacture most of our stuff these days is not a happy thought.. 

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