Why does eating chicken make me feel like I hit some kind of nutritional jackpot

Answered on September 17, 2014
Created September 17, 2014 at 10:43 PM

A little background:

As you can tell from my name I have fibromyalgia.  For a time I was vegetarian, then vegan, then lacto-ovo pescetarian, and then finally eating chicken in someone else's home made me realize how good plain old meat made me feel.  This was last year.  A few months after that, around December, I finally got sick of eating all the sugary crap (never really fell in with the deep fried crap as it made me feel unwell) and knew I had to make a change.  I'd always eaten plenty of vegetables and fruit but with too much "junk" added on.   Somehow I found paleo and since then have been eating roughly "primal" with a few rough patches and occasional dairy as I am not remotely lactose intolerant and am of primarily northern european descent.  

I've had pretty good results.  My energy is somewhat better and I've lost ten pounds without needing to.  Fewer stomach aches as well.

More holistically I've been exacting about my self-care regime--not overdoing it, sleeping well, proper exercise.  

To get back to the main topic though I think I must be suffering from some kind of nutritional deficiency.  I use myfitnesspal and while that's decent and I won't be switching services I know that some areas can fall through the cracks.  I suspect something is wrong because whenever I eat chicken, I only ever eat it roasted with skin and bone, I feel like I can't, and for that matter, shouldn't stop eating it.  I don't feel this way when I eat any kind of fish, crustacean, red meat, or even turkey.  Just chicken.  I don't eat offal of any kind and only remember to eat gelatin about three times a month.  Is that it? Is it the gelatin/extra nutrients that seep in from the chicken skin and bones? I also use a dry spice rub of turmeric, black pepper, and salt.  Though I get those spices from the salad dressings I make twice a day.  Could I also be getting insufficient salt.  I really just can't tell.  Also fyi my carbs are in a good range too and I get added fat only from almond butter, very dark chocolate, kerrygold, and boatloads of good quality olive oil.

I still suffer from considerable fatigue and when I'm eating it chicken feels like literal medicine though I never seem to feel significantly better in the long run.  And I don't like that my cravings for it crowd out possibly healthier (beef, fish) meats.

If anyone has experience with this, especially with fibromyalgia, I would greatly appreciate any insight.  

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on September 17, 2014
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it could be the glycine in skin and tendons and cartilage, or other substances present only in cartilage (chondroitin etc.). But it could also be vitamin K2, which is more abundant in chicken than in other meats. Whole chicken is underappreciated in this forum.

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