Week 3 and working thru issues

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 05, 2011 at 4:39 AM

ok so I have started week 3. I feel better. I have had a few moments where I feel dizzy and I realize I haven't eaten enough but i am working on that (this was never a problem before). I of course had hoped to lose more by now but feel this week i have been more strict with the low carb. and have really been working to get more vegetables in my meals.

several concerns: 1.working through constipation (more veg, water and stool softner) 2. reading through the very detailed and abbreviation heavy questions or comments are worrysome. I feel like at this point i will not be able to catch on or purchase the best meats)

I cant eat red meat (beef, not sure if i can eat venison etc) but eat chicken, pork and fish. then i read that chicken and pork are not good either. I cant yet go to sourcing all my food from Whole Foods/Fresh market. Pasture Items are very pricey so I am trying to incorporate as I go. Mainly buying fresh fish (salmon mostly) when it is on comparable sale to Publix. Since i cant currently buy wild boar and the best free range chicken is there something i can do to offset the omega 6 i see so many people talking about? 3. Health Insurance Deductable is 1K this year, so when i go to my regular DR blood tests do i need to order? Does a CBC cover it or do I need specific tests run? Did you explain your "diet" to your dr or just tell him/her what you wanted?

Thanks, I know that is alot of whining but I am concerned about eating non pasture food and making my once good cholesterol and trigliceride levels crap because of this change.




on February 05, 2011
at 12:50 PM

The most important advantage from eating low carb is that it will keep your insulin levels low, normalize your weight, and improve your health markers. I wouldn't worry about eating wild food if that's too difficult. Eat what's in the grocery store and your health will still markedly improve. I wouldn't worry about the medical tests. In most cases, low carbers improve all their heart health markers, including HDL, triglycerides, LDL particle count, blood pressure, and HbA1c. Cholesterol levels can rise, but the rise is caused by increases in HDL and LDL particle size, both of which are good.

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on February 05, 2011
at 10:41 PM

"The perfect is the enemy of the good" Voltaire

In other words, do what you can. The macro-nutrient shift and avoiding crap foods is the most important. The rest is just fine tuning. Don't let obsessing prevent you from doing the first steps that will have the biggest health benefits.



on February 05, 2011
at 04:56 AM

I have never heard of anyone's triglycerides actually going up after cutting carbs. I guess it's possible, but it's not very likely. Carbs are usually the driver of high trig numbers and cutting carbs is usually the cure. As for cholesterol, it depends on the person. SOme go down, some up, and some stay about the same. Some go up for 3 to 6 months but then go back down again. However, cholesterol numbers are in reality only weakly correlated with cardiac problems and not correlated with mortality, so I would not worry too much about some fluctuations there. Ironically, I used to be happy that my own cholesterol numbers are within the healthful range, but now I actually worry more about getting low cholesterol than high cholesterol. Low cholesterol is correlated with increased chance of death in the elderly, and whereas I am not yet elderly, I now feel good cholesterol levels are important for health and proper immune system function.

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