Paleo on the go?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 23, 2011 at 9:50 PM

Anyone else struggling to eat Paleo on the go?

I find myself eating a ton of chicken...mainly because thats only cheap things I can consistently eat on the go...

Vegetables of questionable quality scare me...so I stray away from unless they are look REALLY good.

On one hand...I'm definitely not eating Legumes, Dairy or Wheat....but my diet is rather bland...chicken...and more chicken...



on March 23, 2011
at 10:35 PM

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on March 23, 2011
at 10:32 PM

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on March 23, 2011
at 09:59 PM

what do you mean on the go? Like eating out, or preparing at home to take with you?

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on March 24, 2011
at 09:09 PM

Does on the go mean, in movement, no kitchen?

I'll be getting up at 5:00 am to eventually catch an 8 hour flight to the states with my 5 yr old daughter.
The carry on is filled with: cold chicken, hard boiled farm eggs, carrot sticks, mandarins, bananas, macademia nuts, raisins, dried apricots, dried figs, coconut oil

Should have been an avocado, but my daughter ate it already !!!

Not the best, but we'll be able to pick a few things off the tray they'll serve us and of course we'll order plenty of tomato juice.



on March 23, 2011
at 10:25 PM

I'm actually in the middle of creating a website to address exactly that. I have a very busy schedule and am out of the house a lot, but manage to eat high quality foods without going to fast food places or even buying any food at all. And I eat around 3500 calories/ day. Im posting easy recipes that travel well. The site is in progress, so keep checking back for more food ideas. Check out the recipes tab, especially the garlic kraut mash, sweet potatoes, and sardines are always good on the go.


p.s. Im not selling anything on this site, I've just figured out some really good ways to eat clean and on-the-go, and am happy to share.



on March 24, 2011
at 11:37 AM

we crockpot a big roast or hunk of meat on sunday, beef or pork or whole chickens or what ever, that makes usually 3 days lunches for each of us. we have lots of little plastic tubs.


on March 24, 2011
at 02:12 AM

Boyfriend recently discovered that Panera salads are pretty paleo friendly - as long as you ask them to put the dressings on the salads on the side.


on March 23, 2011
at 10:18 PM

I'm not struggling with that at all. I have a Japanese bento box I bring with me almost everywhere (exactly like this one: http://www.allthingsforsale.com/bento-box-bento-box/848-japanese-bento-box-lunch-box-designer-set.html ) I fill it with fruits and veges, and nuts or jerky. It's fun and a little challenging to find things that will fit in such a small container :) When I need to pack a meal for work, I usually bring a salad of sorts in a bigger container. You can prep your ingredients before hand to make things easier.

I do love chicken, and I like to add it to salads but I also eat canned tuna and salmon when I don't have time to cook my chicken. If you look closely, you can find great deals on fish. Don't hesitate to buy frozen fish, because most of the time it's more fresh than what you get at the counter in grocery stores. I just bought some individually wrapped, frozen, 6 oz. Ahi fillets that were less than $2 each! I ate one last night and it was delicious and was very good quality.

As far as veges go, don't hesitate to spend a little more on good quality. I buy all my produces at Rayley's because they have THEE BEST produce around. When I spend more on a product, I make damn sure I'm going to eat and enjoy it!

I love to cook, so maybe that is why I'm not having a hard time with variety. It's fun thinking of new and creative meals and snacks to eat.


on March 23, 2011
at 10:05 PM

Most burger joints can fix up a low carb version with the burger wrapped in a large leaf of lettuce with mustard, tomatoes and pickles. McDonalds has the angus steak wraps. Just get it with no sauce and cheese. Toss the tortilla and scarf the rest! Stock up on Lara Bars and have one with the burger or steak!

This works well for me on the go.

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