Leftover Chicken

Answered on December 20, 2013
Created December 19, 2013 at 2:55 PM

The pastured local chicken I can buy tends to be offered as the whole bird. I always have a lot of left over chicken--over half of it. I don't mind eating it as a left over later, but it's just too much food for my small frame to go through in a few days.

I thought about pulling off the meat and skin, freezing and using later in something--enchilada maybe?

Any ideas? Can I freeze it okay? What about the skin? I hate to just toss all that healthy fat, but guessing it'll be gross after being frozen and then added to a dish.

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2 Answers

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on December 20, 2013
at 05:14 AM

I prefer fresh cooked chicken so I'd cut into parts and freeze what I wasn't going to eat. Reheated just doesn't compare with defrosted and freshly baked/broiled/fried. If chicken is on sale I will buy several and freeze them.

We don't have that problem as we go through it quick.



on December 20, 2013
at 03:30 AM

how much do you eat at once? i usually get 2-3 days out of a whole chicken but maybe i am bigger than you (5'5", 105 lbs). i wish i could get more from it but it tastes so good haha you could bake all the extra skin and make crispy chicken skins. i'm sure you can freeze cooked chicken and it would still taste fine. i freeze the carcass all the time and then cook it for broth at a later date.

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