Safe to eat from a bulging can of unpasteurized feta cheese, and how to store it?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 31, 2013 at 3:10 PM

I bought some unpasteurized feta in a can about three months ago. I was told it would last a very long time if kept in its original liquid. I took it out and noticed the top of the can was bulging, and some of the edges on the outside were rusty (the can was kept in a plastic bag, which was unfortunately damp inside). I opened it, and there was no bad odor, and the color was fine too. If cheese is fermented, then perhaps it was just still fermenting while in the tin, like raw sauerkraut does in jars, and it's safe to eat?

Does anyone have any recommendations about safety? I did try a nibble last night, but I'm a little concerned about whether to eat the rest. It's a really big tin, and I'd hate to waste it.

Also, if it's probably fine, how best to store it, since it will take us weeks to go through all this cheese? Transfer it to fully sealed glass storage containers, and add enough filtered water and sea salt to fill them to the top?


on July 31, 2013
at 05:39 PM

Toss it in the compost.

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on July 31, 2013
at 03:41 PM

I was told or read a long time ago that you are not supposed to eat anything from bulging cans. I would personally throw it all out. Better to waste a few bucks then to require a hospital visit, which would cost a lot more. Just IMHO.


on July 31, 2013
at 05:35 PM

Probably not worth it.



on July 31, 2013
at 11:32 PM

Some things that are in cans are supposed to stay in the refrigerator (like crab and fish roe). If it says unpasteurized cheese that would be among them I would think. If it was stable at room temp. it would have had to be heated enough to be considered pasteurized, or stored in olive oil. Storing in olive oil can be problematic sometimes, lots of issues with botulism and herbs preserved that way. With canned goods, bulging cans or lids that don't pop, universally means something is not right, toss it or take it back for a replacement.



on July 31, 2013
at 10:08 PM

Um, not a good idea. If you insist, be sure you have a bunch of activated charcoal pills on hand just in case it wasn't the original bacteria/mold that was fermenting in there.

You really don't want to invite the bad kind of bacteria into your gut to party and wreck the place. It leads to very unpleasant results if you're unlucky.

BTW, I've never heard of canned cheese, pasteurized or otherwise, why would you want it from a can? Cheese is a living food.



on July 31, 2013
at 07:42 PM

Eating spoiled food is not paleo.

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