Does anyone eat " cereal " type of paleo breakfast? Is this recipe

Answered on October 20, 2014
Created October 10, 2014 at 2:28 PM

I am trying to find new breakfast egg and meat alternatives as I don't want to consume so much eggs and meat daily.  I found this recipe holisticallyengineered . com/2013/05/instant-cinnamon-oatmeal-low-carb.html

It uses chia seeds, flaxseed , coconut flakes and coconut milk. It says that net carbs are about 3 g per serving. If it is low carb, would it be still good for losing weight? If not, please tell me why. I wouldn't be eating it everyday, but i could eat it every other day and alternate it with egg days.

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6 Answers


on October 20, 2014
at 06:20 AM

I often eat grainless granola with sliced bananas and coconut milk on top. 

Here is a recipe with pecans, almonds, pumpkin seeds, shreded coconut and currants.

Here is one with similar ingredients, but using walnuts instead of almonds.


on October 15, 2014
at 07:43 PM

I have been making a cereal of 6 table spoons coconut flour,1 T chia seeds or flax seeds and coconut milk about a cup sweetened with stevia. I find it satisfying. I have not warmed I but do not see that it would be a problem. Give the coconut time to thicken. It does not need to be heated for it to thicken. 



on October 10, 2014
at 10:21 PM

I eat rice, natto with olive oil, olives, and liver for breakfast (half the time, the other half it is banana-berries smoothie). I am considering alternating rice with oats, since they are not GM and they are the best silicon superfood.

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on October 10, 2014
at 09:48 PM

I soak out muesli-type cereals overnight in unsweetened yogurt. This tenderizes them to the point that they're like cooked mush. Pretty good with a handful of frozen blueberries.



on October 10, 2014
at 08:02 PM

My concern with eating that recipe daily would be the flax.  Flax is a phytoestrogen, and I learned the hard way it is not benign--it really messed with my hormones.  So it's not something you want to eat daily (meat and eggs, on the other hand, are PERFECTLY safe to eat daily, providing they are sourced from organic, pastured animals).

I get days like that, too, when I'm just not into eggs for breakfast but I am hungry.  Here's a few of my "go to" breakfasts recently:

Canned organic pumpkin warmed up with nuts,  and a few raisins sprinkled in.  I also add fat, ghee for me right now but coconut oil or butter would work, too.  Add in some coconut butter or almond butter for a little more protein and fat.  Most people like to flavor this like pumpkin pie (cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg), but I prefer it savory like squash so I add salt and pepper. 

Coconut butter warmed and mixed with frozen cold blueberries and some nuts.  It becomes crunchy like granola (because the cold berries solidify the coconut butter) , and there's a nice sweet taste from the berries and the natural sweetness of the coconut butter.  Don't spend a fortune on coconut butter, look for "Let's Do Organic" brand for 1/3 the price in solid bricks instead of a fancy jar. 

I always have bone broth in the freezer, and cooked chicken in bite sized pieces, so some mornings I have chicken soup for breakfast--If I want noodles I make "zoodles" out of zuchhini or use shiritaki noodles. 


on October 10, 2014
at 03:05 PM

I usually don't have time for cooking in the morning and my tummy is sensitive when I first wake up, so I often have fruits & nuts for breakfast.  I like to vary the fruit, so say apple PLUS banana PLUS almonds is a nice breakfast for me.  I wouldn't recommend eating the fruits without a source of fat, though.  I've also had good luck eating reheated cooked green veg for breakfast.  The protein & minerals are not as bioavailable as from meat or eggs, but cabbage, broccoli, kale & etc. have a lot of those nutrients for plant foods, and I find them quite filling.

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