ExSim-Max for Cisco 200-101 ICND2

Asked on July 21, 2014
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Of course, the voice track also teaches you everything you need to know about Cisco's Voice equipment. This gives you a major leg up when you apply for a job that utilized Cisco 200-101 equipment or voice and data on the same line. You may not have the knowledge or experience of someone that has a routing and switching background, but this information is more widely available.

Now that VOIP is becoming more popular, I believe the demand for certified Cisco voice people will only increase going forward.

Cisco Security

The other track I recommend regardless of your certification level is Cisco Security. Large companies are seeing increased threats coming at them every day. These threats are not only the typical virus type attacks, but some pretty sophisticated attacks that are designed specifically for the company. Blanket attacks are pretty easy to spot as other companies see the same type of traffic. However, when a hacker goes after a specific target, the threats become much more severe and harder to detect.

For this reason, companies are increasing their IT security budgets and are looking for qualified people to shore up their defenses. This need will never go away as long as people are attached to a global network. Of course, this keeps demand high which in turn will keep wages higher than some of the other Cisco tracks.

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