Why would the cashew butter + cherry butter I consumed have me on the toilet for an hour experiencing painful bowel movements?

Asked on May 14, 2014
Created May 14, 2014 at 10:48 PM

Hi I'm hoping to hear your opinion regarding this issue:

A few hours ago I consumed an 8oz jar of cherry butter and almost a whole 16oz jar of cashew butter. I have done this in the past, experiencing (in this past) what I felt to be minor bloating, general body uncomfortableness (feeling like my whole body is getting puffy), sensitive to temperature (for example before eating the window will be open and I feel great, then after eating I am instantly hot and need to turn on air), and some on/off pain/pressure in my head. I know, the answer would be don't eat it right? I assumed I was screwing up my body by eating near zero-carb and I would get used to it, even though eating animal food never makes me feel like this.

For about a few days prior to this consumption I had been eating nothing but cooked shrimp. Eating the shrimp I felt wonderful and did not experience painful bowel movements. Immediately upon eating the cherry + cashew butter I felt pain in my abdomen and a bloated feeling, mainly uncomfortableness and pain. I don't want to claim excruciating pain but it was definitely painful and something I hadn't experienced before, like I said in the past I have regularly eaten large amounts of these two products together but never after days of zero carb. I tried to shrug it off, act like I'm imagining it, it's because I'm screwing up my body eating zero carb yada yada.

I then for the next hour was on the toilet with multiple painful bowel movements. It would alternate between me feeling like I was almost dying on the inside for a few seconds, then maybe some calm, then more pain and uncomfortableness.

I'm just trying to figure out if it was the cherry butter or cashew butter that caused this and why. I'm wondering if it has to do with cherry butter being a very concentrated, sugary product (the jar claims 4 lbs. of cherries simmered down into that 8oz portion) or the cashews.

I'm also wondering if the days prior of zero carb sort-of "set my system" and this is letting me know I'm not meant to eat these kinds of carbs anymore?!?

Any thoughts would be greatly greatly appreciated, I can't thank you enough for taking the time!

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