Carnivore all meat diet and autoimmune disease

Answered on August 16, 2014
Created August 15, 2014 at 9:22 AM

I am curious can anyone on this forum share their experience with meat only diet. I have been batteling autoimmune disease fo years and although it has been a huge relief for me to go gluten free I can't see futher improvement. I tried eating meat and broth for two days and both my digestion and psoriasis Improved in so short period of time it was suprising at least but went back to its usual state after Introducing more food. I don't eat dairy, processed food, soy, nuts and even fruit because I know these food dont agree with my body. I mainly eat meat and veg but can it be that even veg are not for me. My digestions works perfect on meat only diet but is it healthy to eat this way. Also don't you get bored of meat. I find I have to change my meat every two days otherwise I can't look at it anymore. I had lamb for the past two days and I have eaten so much of it I won't be cooking it again for another couple of days for sure, now it is poultry ans seafood cravings.

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on August 16, 2014
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It can take antibodies anywhere from 6 months to never to go away. But if you don't have a leaky gut, and don't eat things that cause a leaky gut, large undigested proteins won't be able to get into your blood stream and won't cause further damage.

So the first oder of priority is to remove anything that caused your AI. So you need to stay at zero grains forever, and for the short term avoid any foods that caused any digestive reaction for a while too. You can reintroduce reactive foods after a month or two. Also avoid NSAIDs and even aspirin as those can cause further damage to the gut lining.

Heal your gut lining with both bone broth and L-Glutamine. You'll probably want to take 5g of L-Glutamine 2-3x a day on an empty stomach until it's healed. You'll probably want to buy it as a powder as you'd need to take quite a lot of pills otherwise. You might even want to be fasting while you do only broth and L-Glutamine because if you've still got a leaky gut, meat proteins could get pass the gut lining and cause new allergies, but if it's not that bad, it's fine.

While you can't easily test this, you can test your blood brain barrier which is composed of similar cells to your gut lining by taking GABA on an empty stomach. If you don't feel anything for an hour after taking GABA, your gut lining is healed. If you feel very relaxed with GABA, it's not.

Sorry you're bored of eating meat. You could reintroduce cooked veggies as well, but slowly. Find things you don't react to.

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