Trying to bulk up on paleo?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 21, 2012 at 4:25 AM

Hi I am new to paleo. I am trying to bulk up but have a hard time getting enough calories and good carbs I think. I heard eating brown rice is bad due to the phytic acid, and that fruit is a bad source of carbs since it is fructose. What would you guys recommend beside sweet potatoes? I need to get ~3000 calories a day and am finding it very hard on this diet. Any help on some good calorie dense foods would be great.


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4 Answers



on December 21, 2012
at 04:33 AM

White potatoes and white potatoes with white potatoes. Peeled, boiled, buttered and sour creamed please and come again.

I've tried other tubers like taro root, sweet potatoes but they are just too fibrous and bloat the shzit out of me.


on December 21, 2012
at 11:06 PM

fruit arent bad if your bulking, theyre especially good around your work out

do you even lift?



on December 21, 2012
at 01:09 PM

Yams (white carribbean yams are so good), plaintains (love plaintain chips), bananas, squashes, rutabaga, parsnips, turnips, and white rice.


on December 21, 2012
at 05:03 AM

If you eat dairy it's way easier :)

I'm doing the same at the moment, but I'm eating dairy so I have grass-fed WPI with organic cacao and lactose-free milk. I get a fair amount of fat that way (and some carbs, the lactate converts lactose to other sugars). I also like getting Boost Juice (fruit + yoghurt smoothie) to top up.

I eat white rice while bulking too - I tend to do this by eating salmon sushi rolls which is tasty and gives me a ton of nutrients I otherwise wouldn't get much of. There's a little sugar in the sushi rice vinegar but I deal with it.

I disagree with Stephen (sorry!) - white potatos should be eaten in moderation IMO, but sweet potatos are fantastic. Be careful about roasting them as that converts many of the complex carbs into simple sugars (but tastes oh so wonderful).

Some dark chocolate is great too - stick to the highest cocoa % you can get. Cocoa is really good for you, and you get some fat and a naughty little carb kick from sugar.

Supplementing L-Glutamine (amino acid) helps to ensure you won't lose muscle when you lose mass - great for if you're cutting or not meeting your bulking calorie requirements. It also helps recovery but aiding in the growth hormone production. You also know about creatine and its benefits I'm sure.

Some fruits are better than others, check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fructose

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