Severe gut issues, please help

Answered on October 15, 2016
Created October 06, 2016 at 10:34 PM

I'm female, 22- I've debated whether I should bother to try to put what I've been going through into words & reach out for help online.. I'm going to post this on a lot of the popular Paleo & primal forums, because I'm at the end of my rope & so desperate for some help. I've spent about a week researching but to no avail. I started slowly going Paleo about 10 months ago & its the best thing I've ever done- lost 75 pounds (need to lose at least 75 more) have almost completely reversed my PCOS, & I was on my period for 3 years straight due to complications from endometriosis but now have normal (still bad, but normal for me) ones. Instead of cutting out specific foods, I just started adding in more Paleo meals until I stopped craving many of my old unhealthy foods. I ate a horrible, horrible diet before going Paleo. Some other medical history- gained 140 pounds in less than a year while eating weight watchers & lean cuisine meals & a low fat "healthy whole grain" diet, working out for hours daily (chronic cardio) Paleo is the only way to go for me. I never want to give up this lifestyle. I also had my gallbladder removed 7 ago. & I have a history of eating disorders, but haven't relapsed since I started eating Paleo-ish. The past two weeks I made a commitment to eat 100% Paleo for 30 days, no cheating- I've never gone that long. Actually I've never gone more than a week without cheating. I felt really good the first couple of days & then I got very, very sick. I suspect some chicken I ate was undercooked or otherwise bad. This was 2 1/2 weeks ago. Since then, I literally cannot eat anything- a single thing- without horrific stomach pain, like I have a cinder block in my gut. I also have horrible bloating & distention, so bad that I literally look like I'm 75 pounds heavier again (I haven't gained any weight back, & this is not body dysmorphia- my gut literally swells so much that I look back into my old size & even fit my old clothes from my heaviest) Even just drinking a lot of water gives me that horrible feeling in my gut. I also had severe diarrhea when I had a tablespoon of coconut oil in my tea, & was sick like that for 3 days- which has never been an issue before (coconut oil in tea) I've been having severe constipation in between the diarrhea. I know this is probably way TMI, but I'm in so much physical (& mental) anguish right now. My dr believes a low fat, ultra processed "diet diet" is healthy so I can't go to him unless it's an emergency, & I absolutely cannot afford any coaching or alternative health practitioners right now. I'm on an extremely tight budget. I tried taking now foods super (digestive) enzymes & they take the very edge of (sometimes) the horrific cinder block in gut feeling, but not that much. I thought they would cure my issue but not so much. They help slightly. I think they'd be an enormous help before all this started. I have no idea what is wrong with me, & to be honest it's making my depression far worse. I'm also scared of relapsing into an eating disorder because I'm genuinely terrified to eat any amount or type of food now, because I know that horrific pain & bloating so bad I can't walk straight & have resulting back pain will ensue. I feel so hopeless & have no idea what to do. Some days are worse than others but everyday is bad. This has been going on for 2 1/2 weeks. I feel like I'm wasting my very limited money on healthy food if I'm not even digesting it. I'm beyond grateful to anyone who took the time to read this & respond, & I can probably more background info or answer any questions if needed! I don't know if i have persistent food poisoning, parasites (ugh) or what. I don't know what to turn or how to proceed. I feel so lost & I literally am unable to even function or socialize most days because of unbearable gut pain & constipation & diarrhea. I've tried real fermented veggies AND probiotics. No help. Also tried ingesting remind clay. Made constipation worse. I drink a gallon of water daily. I figure I should follow AIP or GAPS, but in skeptical seeing as I can't eat a single thing without horrific consequences..

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on October 07, 2016
at 09:49 AM

I had bloating like that-not in your head! I tried natural remedies but Rifiaximin was the thing that helped. I then rebuilt my gut with probiotics, bone broth L-glutamine, garlic, onion, tumeric...have you looked at SIBO research? I got tested for it & was negative, yet the rifiaxamin worked regardless...



on October 15, 2016
at 09:47 AM

I also just read about Atrantil with Chris Kesser...you might want to read the podcast script


on October 09, 2016
at 09:12 AM

Maybe you should just detox - drink bone broth, eat probiotic (sauerkraut) and prebiotic (asparagus), and eat lots of healthy fats and proteins (grass-fed ground beef, flaxseed).

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